A Halter Top Kind of Day

It’s been scorching hot these past two days so today Zoey is wearing a halter onesie to beat the heat. She is reaching more milestones each day. Today I witnessed Zoey standing for the LONGEST time yet, 5 whole seconds! I was a proud mamma! She’s taken 2 baby steps on her own so far. I am fairly confident that she’ll be able to walk w/ ease by her first bday!

Does this sound familiar? Zoey will play with EVERYTHING ELSE but her toys! She’s not interested in the least bit w/ ANY of her baby toys. She’s super into playing w/ books, magazines, TAGS, rugs, etc. Basically, anything that doesn’t scream, “I’m colorful, cute, and fun! Pick me up!”

Once again, all up in momma’s business!

Zoey’s hair is at that awkward growing out phase. Long enough that her bangs are getting into her eyes but too short to don a cute bob. Hair clips are a must nowadays.

Speaking of baby hair clips- I’ve bought those ‘more than I wish to pay for’ baby hair clips and they just don’t work that well. I realized that they are designed for babies, but they don’t hold up Zoey’s hair. What I find work really well are the ones from Forever21 which are sooo CUTE and cheap (2 for $1.50)! Zoey’s yellow clip is from there.

As you can see, there are many beautiful options. H&M also has pretty ones but they are 2 for $5.

Have a GREAT day!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


19 thoughts on “A Halter Top Kind of Day

  1. I’m spending a morning enjoying your blog, and just had to say, your daughter is a beautiful doll, and I am greatly inspired by your and hers close relationship.. it’s really lovely xx


  2. Adorable! I hope soon that we have a family…you daughter takes after you, fashion forward and stylishly cute!


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