DIY- Fancied Clothespins

Know those things that people used to hang their clothes up to dry with? You know..those boring looking wood clothespins? My guess is, if you have them, you’re not using them to hang dry your clothes but rather to display magazine cut-outs, kid’s arts, cards, or pictures.

Well, give them some life by fancying them up! Even clothespins need pampering. This is a simple + quick weekend project that’s anything BUT daunting!

I must admit. This is certainly not an original creation by me. I’ve seen these type of projects floating around the net. Here’s my version.

A sweet and beautiful baby card gifted to Zoey when she was born.

1. Select your card stock design. I used the one above.

2. Trace the shape of the clothespin onto the card stock

3. Cut out traced shape

4. Either tape or glue the cut out shape onto the clothespin

5. Your clothespins are ecstatic to be wearing fancy clothes and you’re elated that you were sooo crafty!

I made two sets – one set had the glitter part of the card stock and the other only had the plain background.

I cheated and only did the front side. SHHH!! No one will know! This is part being lazy, smart, + efficient all at once. Hey, I do have a 10 mth old screaming my name, CONSTANTLY!

I NEED this Parisian style chair – YESTERDAY!

Zoey’s pimpin’ TOMS. She’ll be able to fit these probably in …2 yrs!

Here they are again! Onion blooms, as seen in the previous post.

Don’t we all LOVE a GREAT inspiration?

‘Til next post, Kellie.


22 thoughts on “DIY- Fancied Clothespins

  1. ohmygoodness, a DIY i can totally do, lol! I’m terrible at DIY, especially if it takes too long! I love the pix, so inspirational! xo


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