Firework Nails

Independence day is almost here, AGAIN! Wow, can you believe that the yr is half over already? The saying is so true, as you get older, the yrs fly by. Sad but true, so make each day count.

We are so blessed to live in such a great country! So in the spirit of July 4th, I’m sportin’ my own firework nails. I know, I’m fairly early.

I’m not a nail art person. It’s one of those things that look better on others than on me, like red lipstick. But white nail polish and some glitter, I can handle. So with that combination, I created some firework sparks.

This complete look was used w/ all NYC products. They are SUPER cheap, 99cents/each at any drugstore. I’m sure I won’t be wearing this all yr so I refused to spend more than a few dollars to create this look. Respect your money, know when and where to splurge!

Here goes:

2 coats of NYC French White Tip #134, 2 coats of Starry Silver Glitter #105, and 1 coat of In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry

You can omit the Quick Dry b/c the glitter polish is basically your clear coat but I like my nails to dry in a heartbeat and this quick dry works wonders. Also, I LOVE the Starry Silver Glitter b/c it contains both the tiny glitter and the big sparkles so you don’t have to purchase two types of nail polish glitter. Efficiency is a plus in my books!

Hope you’ll try this for July 4th!

Have a GREAT weekend!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


28 thoughts on “Firework Nails

  1. I wouldn’t have tried the white with glitter. It looks really pretty. Great to know about NYC .99 cent polishes. Had no idea. I went into Sephora last week and spent 20 on a gold polish just like the one you used. Thanks for following my blog at … I look forward to more of your nail ideas. ;0)


  2. What fun! July 4th has already come & gone (yikes) but I want to give this a try! Thanks for the tip on an economical brand, too. Love that!


  3. Oh Gawd! My teenage nieces would DIE for those nails! I’ll show them your post. Also, thanks for stopping by and “liking” one of my posts.


  4. Thanks for liking my post.
    I have a funny story about nail glitter. I teach Kindergarten and one day I had a student say I was beautiful. The funny part is I could have had my hands over my entire face and she would have said the same. It does polish you up….
    I like the clean look of white with the glitter. Thanks for the tip on how to get it to dry quickly. I will try it out next year. I do fireworks shows with my family. In SanJose and Milpitas this year. It is such a dirty job, the nails would be great!


  5. I loved this look so much, I used it as inspiration for my tutti-fruity nails – very sparkly and festive:-) will be posting it on my blog later on if you wanna see 🙂


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