If Walls Can Talk

If your walls can talk, what would they say about you? Would they tell the world that you are fashion obsessed, a neat freak, a free spirit, or a hopeless romantic (bless your heart)? Well, the thing is your walls can be an extension of you. Imagine it as a blank canvas ready to express whatever it is that you want it to.

You are its creator. 

Here are a few inspirational ideas of what your walls can do for you, collected from my pinterest boards.

An entire chalk board wall- genius!

Every kitchen needs this!

An inexpensive way to express yourself- cutouts from magazines. I LOVE that they are all black and white- cohesiveness. image here

Your walls can help organize your day- use it as a calendar!

How cool! Hand drawn picture frames to hang all those memorable moments.

Frame all the things that matter most.

Another fashionably chic wall!

To help organize your life w/ clipboards. REALLY inexpensive and so clever and artsy.

A wall library.

What does your wall say about you? Please share!

To find all original source links- please go to my pinterest page.

‘Til next post, Kellie.


13 thoughts on “If Walls Can Talk

  1. We live in a rented apartment so the walls re pretty bare but nothing else is. We stand, stack, arrange & layer on the floors and furniture, and found if you have something light to hang one of those strong dressmaking pins with the plastic ball on the end pushed into the wall will come out without leaving much of a mark…


  2. Our Villa walls are concrete and hanging anything is nearly impossible, but usual B&W photos and mirrors what says me. I may be bare on my walls but it’s my decorations that say I’m glam… 🙂


      1. Why the love for concrete walls? Just tried to drill another hole in and came into a shell rod! Ive got to say it does feel cooler in a concrete house when its almost 100 degrees out.


  3. I adore these pics, I’m having a chalkboard wall painted in my kitchen soon, and have a mini wall library in my living room, love these quirky features which make houses homes! x


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