Playing Catch up

My place is inundated w/ magazines that are just waiting for my undivided attention. I have to say, those mags got some patience! I swear I will get to them b/c honestly, I can get ideas and STUFF from them. Plus, what’s better for decompressing than flipping through the pages of uber stylish + gossip filled magazines? One day- when stars and the moon align perfectly, I will get to them.

These magazines were so YESTERDAY!

Loving all the fresh summer flowers. They make everything sweeter.

A pair of yummy flats.

Are you in a similar situation w/ your magazines?!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


18 thoughts on “Playing Catch up

  1. Your magazines and my feeds list are clearly in the same boat.
    I’m so far behind in reading (skimming, really) and responding to the blogs I read, and every day it gets worse.


  2. I have the same problem! I DO appreciate the magazine experience, though: the turning of the pages to something inspiring…holding something tangible that took a lot of work by talented people to create as opposed to holding a mouse or an ipad and getting content instantly. I think I’m showing my age now… 😉


  3. Today’s the 4th and I’m here catching up on my beauty blogs and some YouTube beauty videos! I love the gorgeous pictures, they’re so beautiful to look at!


  4. I used to have that problem but now I subscribe to as many mags as I can on Zinio. Now I can read them wherever and whenever and its kind to trees too.


  5. Um, yes, I just got through a People Style Watch, Glamour and Yoga Journal from April that I bought on a business trip and meant to read on the plane, but I had 3.5 hours to read on the flight and devoted it to the Game of Thrones book.


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