Just Chillin’ in Bed

Hi! How was everyone’s 4th? Ours was great! Spent half the day chilling in the bedroom and by 2pm (!) realized we haven’t ate lunch yet so we packed all of our things and took the train into the city to grub.ย 

Later that night, while Zoey slept, mommy & daddy sneaked to the roof deck to watch the fireworks from across the harbor.

Zoey has the cheesiest smile EVER!

A family moment.

Super curious.

Yea, she is pretty darn cute! Her hair is growing so long…can’t believe she’s turning 1 next month. Where did the time go?!

Def. nice to have those days where you just don’t do anything and have the day pass you by.

Hope you had a GREAT day!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


28 thoughts on “Just Chillin’ in Bed

  1. I agree…we all definitely need those relaxing days to recharge so we can be at our best during our much more busy days. LOVE the photos!


  2. We spent the day pretty similar to you, at home relaxing. But we didn’t look nearly as good! We spent most of the day in our sloppy lounge wear and finally changed when it was time to head over to our friends for dinner. Thanks for sharing your day and the pictures look great!


  3. Amazing family pictures! I’m sure this blog will be something your daughter will find joy in looking through when she is able to… ๐Ÿ™‚


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