On a Barren Road

To continue the story of our weekend adventure to Cape Ann…we drove around the small towns of Essex and found this barren road. To the right of it was a beautiful small beach where we stopped by to take in the summer scenery.

So breathtaking!

Not sure what Zoey was pointing at and I was unprepared to walk in heels on these rocks!

We drove down a little further and saw this AMAZING house on the beach. We’ve been wanting to get a summer home. Something like this would be ideal!

I LOVE the houses on the cliff, the rocks, the sailboats, the blue water, the warmth of the summer sun, and spending such a beautiful day w/  my husband and our lil Ms. Zoey.

To read part 1, click here. Thanks for letting us share our summer adventures w/ you. More to come as summer progresses!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


10 thoughts on “On a Barren Road

  1. What wonderful adventures you have! And you take your little with you. I love it. It gives me great hope for the future and our little one.


  2. Great shots… keep ’em comin’! I used to shoot for musicains, fashion shoots and free-lance… and yours are sellable to travel mags…. or should be.


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