Candles & Flowers

Today has been such an exhausting day! I am ready to retire for the evening. Wished that I can just lay in bed, watch some juicy gossip tv, maybe drink a glass of plum wine, stuff my face w/ checker fries, then indulge in some tiramisu, and fall asleep before 8pm! Not specifically in that order. 

WOW… 11 mths ago, I could have done all of that. Mommyhood is just a 24hr around the clock job. Too bad, babies don’t come w/ a refund tag! You produce, you keep.

When all else fails, I can always count on candles and flowers to decompress. It’s not checker fries, but it has almost the same effect. Almost.

What do you do to decompress? Please share!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


11 thoughts on “Candles & Flowers

  1. Getting ready to launch my homemade soy candles, hopefully in September on Etsy. Would be honored if you would be willing to review 🙂 I don’t have anything yet, as it’s a work in progress, but as soon as I do, would love to send you a few.


  2. Pandora “Florence + The Machine” Station.. amazing! So chill and relaxing. Also I love to watch stuff I have DRVed, since I rarely have time during the day, especially silly comedic relief like “The Soup” or “Chelsea Lately”!


  3. I have a 1 year old daughter and I too know the feeling of having long exhausting days. My way to unwind is candles, some light music & a good read. It does the trick and helps me reset for the next day!


  4. Only a good night of sleep helps me to relax these days – my two year old is very active and only goes to sleep after 8pm, my in-laws are at my place so there’s also the social part of the evening, my husband gets home around 7pm, more talking. After a 8to4 day in the office, all I want is to switch off, but I can’t find the button.


  5. Spanish red wine… cook a nice meal. David Gray on the iTunes. More Spanish red wine. Puck up the ol’ guitar. More Spanish red wine. Hide phone so that I don’t have to aplogize to any ex’s the next day. Send “will you forgive me” email to neighbors for property damage.


  6. I sit at the piano……the first songs played will indicate the level of tenseness (according to DH) and as I mellow the music takes on the same serenity! Works for me every time….someday you will have your time back…but may miss these days….hugs, D


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