Caught in Action!

Although Zoey is barely taking tiny baby steps, she is fairly growing into an independent little person. She maneuvers around the house quite fast and is capable of getting herself into trouble. I set her free w/o boundaries to see what she is capable of.

Somehow, she finds her tiny sandals quite amusing.

I die looking at her precious feet!

Gnawing on the knob!

Tiptoeing and digging for treasures!

What little troubles are your precious ones getting into? Please share!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


18 thoughts on “Caught in Action!

  1. I have a three year old niece, I can totally imagine how difficult it must be for you to put your angel down from your arms 😀 She is beautiful!!


  2. Oh my, what pretty pair of bright eyes Zoey has! That’s what struck at me on first sight ~ I am sure she will grow up with intense eyes that would send electric shocks 😉


  3. I love my little girl’s feet too:) Zoey so lovely:) My little girl is very independent and at 2 has decided that its her job to help me out a lot. Its cute seeing what she thinks I need next:)


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