A Baby’s Sanctuary

Like our bedrooms, a baby’s nursery should be his/her own little sanctuary. Here is another round up from my pinterest board, Precious Cargo.

If you are in the midst of creating a nursery for your little one, I hope these pictures can give you some inspiration!

CUTE hanging basket! But is it realistic?! I think Zoey would constantly yank on it! via

A modern nursery – all wood, minimal. via

Small space but the high ceilings and bright window make up for it. via

Would LOVE to have this chair for Zoey! via

All white w/ some color. Neat and simplified- my kinda thing. via

‘Til next post, Kellie


6 thoughts on “A Baby’s Sanctuary

  1. I love looking at room designs, but I find that whenever I try to do anything like this, the reality of our overcrowded house creeps in, and just makes it look messy. :(. I mean come on, who has a bookshelf full of only white books??


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