I am currently coveting PLEATS!! I love the movement of pleated skirts as you stride about. I’m on the quest for finding my perfect pleated skirt.

Below is a round up of my favorites from my pinterest board, Stylish.

Pleated pants! I don’t think these would look good on me b/c I’m short. I think that tall women can and def. should pull off a great pair of pleated pants.

Ah- the movement in the wind.

Red pleated dress- YUM.

Summery and soft.

This is just GORG!! LOVE the pink tone skirt w/ the gray pumps although the hat would look silly on me.

And to balance out the soft pink pleated skirt from the previous picture, this blue skirt seems stiffer in texture. But still AWESOME!

Would you wear pleats? Please share!

‘Til next post, Kellie.

20 thoughts on “Pleats

  1. I love pleated skirts! Recently bought a white one for my bday, I love it, it feels so preppy. Have a look:

    The longer ones are hard to pull in general, I am decently tall and I am not sure if I would wear one.


  2. I love pleats and I think they look best at midi-length. Unfortunately, because I have a post pregnancy tummy, I do not wear pleats…I just feel it makes me look fat and frumpy.


  3. Sorry about the multiple comments, I had a link to my email and it was reading my username as spam ;( hopefully i fixed it!
    Love this!! I bought a pleaded skirt from Sandro in Paris, I can’t wait to do a post on it! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration like always!


  4. Love this!! I bought a pleaded skirt from Sandro in Paris, I can’t wait to do a post on it! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration like always!


  5. I would love to try the pleated pants- but I’d have to wear very high heels which I haven’t attempted in a few years.


  6. I love pleats! I currently have a black pleated skirt I scored on clearance from Jason Wu’s spring collab w/Target, but haven’t found a way to make it summer-y, just yet…so, I’m looking for a lighter shade…


  7. Wow, just beautiful, especially the sublime first outfit at the top. I haven’t managed to get any of the sheer pleats into my closet yet this year, though I have some real classic oldies that look fresh for fall and winter. Note to self . . . .


  8. I think I’m loving them too! My 1st pleated skirt was worn in my Grafitti Post…it was so wrinkled by the end of the day I had to edit the photos bit…but hopefully people can still see the pleats. Let me know if you could?


  9. That red dress is lovely! But I’m the same as you. I see a lot of beautiful dresses and skirts and get height envy because I know they would only look great on tall, willowy figures.


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