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Creative Workspaces

I think everyone should have a creative workspace to get the job done. Although my workspace is not neat and tidy most of the time, I would like for it to stay that way! It just makes your work so much more productive and enjoyable if everything is organized and pretty. But if you are one of those who get inspire w/ clutter and chaos, I completely understand too!ย 

Another round up from my pinterest board, Workspace. Enjoy!

I LOVE everything about this space: the white painted wood floors, the massive window, the Buddha statue, dark wood desk for contrast, lively green indoor plant. What’s not to love?! via

I NEED an old typewriter! For decor purposes and not for function. Did I say I wanted to declutter my place? All these things make it so hard! via

Ideas to hang up notes, pictures, swatches, x-rays (?!) etc. via

Workspace up in the attic. Love the rolls of fabric. via

A wall collage. via

Love me some concrete walls. via

Another attic workspace. via

Do you have a fabulous workspace of your own? Please share!

‘Til next post, Kellie.



  1. That’s this afternoon sorted… off to buy some wires to hang all those postcards and photos I have languishing in a box.

    Thanks for the like, I would like your whole site if I could! I’ll content myself with a follow.

    Liv x


  2. Yup! nice and decent work spaces have always go0d effect on one’s creative side of mind……..
    Take care.


  3. Thanks for your like on my blog! This is a wonderful postโ€“ I’ll be sure to follow that workspace board on your pinterest.


  4. My favoriate is the first photo. That window is awesome and as a photographer it’s an ideal work space. Look at that light… :).


  5. I want the attic workspace!!! Love the natural light and this post because it just inspired me to stop procrastinating and go tidy up my office.


  6. I agree, I’ve slowly been window shopping for my work space. I want to use it for my blog as well as sewing. Thanks for the insperation.


  7. Can we, please, have a contest where we can win one of these?! I would be the next Dr. Hunter if I had one of these! Well, the next Monica Lewinsky… she wrote a book, right?!


  8. I really love your ideas and your posts but I am missing your own great pictures lately! They kind of make your blog unique and even more inspiring! ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. Love this! … my work space is a transformed ‘cupboard’ – I can’t wait for the day I can have a work space like the last picture – its awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. lifestyletea

    I really like creative work spaces in front of windows! that’s what I’ve found xx


  11. You deserve to expand your work space, as cute as it is. My work spaces are in blogging central post…I need my own space as my Husband and I share the office desk. Every girls got to have their own, don’t you agree?


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