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No Longer ‘The Baby’

Last week, Zoey welcomed her new little cousin baby boy. No longer the baby of the family, Zoey has graduated into a big sister role. Yay for being a big sister and for the precious addition to our ever expanding family!

Isn’t she such a BIG girl now?!

‘Til next post, Kellie.



  1. Heather Tiger

    How big she has gotten! Loving those pink shoes. They look soft! Congrats on the newest family member and baby yumminess to love on. That’s all I have been doing since my new little man arrived in early June. Blessings!


  2. Kellie, Such darling photos. Growing so fast! I love the hair ornaments you clip in so perfectly! And a huge “Congratulations” on your growing family!!!! Zoe will be a perfect big sis!


  3. Congratulations to your family! Zoey looks adorable. She’s going to be a great big cousin!


  4. Beautiful little boy. Congratulations to you and your family. He will be the center of attention for awhile.


  5. cute pictures! Has she met her little cousin yet? Avery has two second cousins coming in October – both boys!


  6. Congratulations to your family for the arrival of the baby boy. I know Zoey will be a good cousin and welcome the baby with open arms.


  7. lifestyletea

    She is growing up so much!! I remember your posts where she still was such a little ball of babyness hehe


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