Night Festival in Little Saigon

Hello! How is everyone doing?! We just got back from a 5 day vacay to the West Coast and considering that we traveled w/ a baby, we were able to visit many places including Rodeo Dr., The Grove, Laguna Beach, etc. Despite all those fancy schmancy places, none were more enjoyable or closer to the heart than Little Saigon. Lucky for us, when we visited Little Saigon, there was a night festival going on in the Phuoc Loc Tho Plaza. 

We LOVE authentic Vietnamese food! So we were over the moon when we had the chance to experience everything that the night festival had to offer. There were dozens and dozens of street food vendors cooking up authentic dishes that only yo mama can make (!), beautiful night lights illuminating each vendor stands, children playing w/ ‘state-fair type’ toys, etc. It was such a memorable night. I kinda felt like I was in another country where this type of night life dining was not a unique experience but rather part of people’s daily lives. 

This was one of the MANY food stands that were grilling meat skewers that night. Zoey is salivating and so is her mama! 

Yep, $2 per stick. Seriously, why go to an overpriced restaurant?! 

Not exactly sure why I look concerned or puzzled, I think Zoey was getting tired.

Here, I am checking out the bbq chicken wings. Love me some wings. 

Pots and pots of different varieties of Vietnamese soups @ $5/bowl. 

I love this picture- the hot vapors from the boiling pots, the lights, the people devouring their food, etc. The chaotic scene was part of why it was so memorable. 

Daddy + Z, again. 

Loving all the vibrant colors in this pic. 

LOVE Zoey’s expression here. 

It was literally the BEST pork skewer that I’ve ever had! It was so well marinated and super tasty. 

Here I am getting some freshly squeezed sugarcane juice. I LOVE sugarcane juice!! So much that I’ve asked the husband several times if we can get our own sugarcane extraction machine so I can have it everyday (of course, my request has been rejected, many times over). I know…it can’t be all that healthy for everyday indulgence but it is so darn yummy! P.S. Many places usually mix their sugarcane juice w/ orange juice. I HATE that. Give me some 100% PURE cane juice, dammit!!

I hope that you were able to witness part of what we experienced through these pictures. Of course, pictures can say a thousand words but even that is not enough to fully express the whole experience unless you were really there. 

More posts of our LA adventures coming soon!

‘Til next post, Kellie


18 thoughts on “Night Festival in Little Saigon

  1. I love your long chandelier earrings, Kellie! And those skewers look delicious. I want to reach in and eat one RIGHT NOW. And Zoe as always looks adorable 🙂


  2. Your pictures always tell the story! I love the picture of you picking out BBQ wings and Zoey’s cute feet dangling.


  3. Definitely a food porn moment! I spent some time in Vietnam last year and your food pics take me right back to asia! So gorgeous, you’ve definitely captured the atmosphere for me!


  4. I’m hungry … :). The sugar cane juice took my back to the islands and the shots of the food gave me flash backs of NYC version of this festival. Awesome post..

    You and your husband are a great team. keep up the good work.


  5. Looks like a great time. It is fun to see her cute little feet! She almost always has on shoes in all of the pictures you take of her so I was struck by how cute and baby like her feet are.


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