Fun in the Sun

Here it is, this post is a sequel to the previous post, Leopard & Booties. As previously mentioned, I was going to do a post on what fun things we did in our stylish outfits! So, we started the day off w/ brunch at Champagne, a French Bakery Cafe in Irvine (I think).

Outside weather was oh so perfect that day!

Oooh…I just noticed that this picture is all out of focus!! Oh well…you get the idea, yummy morsels of desserts!

Daddy and Z.

Cute cafe although it doesn’t rival the real ones in Paris! Oh how I MISS Paris…time for a revisit SOON!

Daddy got a pesto sandwich.  Good thing I didn’t get this b/c I CAN’T STAND eating raw onions!

I got a butternut squash soup (topped w/ slivers of roasted almonds + chopped cilantro) & a turkey panini.

LOVE the vibrant color of the soup! Perfect for summer.

After stuffing ourselves, we went across the street where there was this GORGEOUS lake w/ a walking trail around it. From afar, we can see this huge bridge and behind it were mountain views.  The goal was to reach the bridge.

We made some stops along the way.

And if you think that I would prance around all day carrying an almost 20lb baby wearing 4 inch heels, you are silly! I always carry around flats for backup. This time, I had to bust out these SUPER comfy patent leather Tahari’s. Here’s another one that I’m currently coveting!

Ms. Zoey is very flexible and often puts her foot in her mouth to suck her big toe. She doesn’t suck her thumb or the pacifier but her big toe, yes!

Yay! After nearly 45 mins (!), we reached our destination! Finally, we get to walk across the bridge. Zoey is sooo cute taking her first steps.

And on the other side, we hit gold! We spotted this beautiful playground in the sand with a water and mountain backdrop to die for!

Mommy + me play time.

The day turned out perfect except for the fact that Zoey got a little toasted! Ah- I LOVE summer adventures.

What fun summer adventures has your family done so far? Please share!

My ensemble: Shoes/Tahari, Skirt/F21, Top/H&M, Sunnies/Oscar de la Renta, Necklace/H&M

‘Til next post, Kellie.


20 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog again. I have never been to the places you have visited so I am living through you vicariously. When I return to my job after summer vacation, I am going to use an idea I saw in your creative “work spaces” post.


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