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More Arm Swag, Please!

Accessory addicts, here’s another arm swag post for you! Below are a few to die for arm candy from my pinterest board, stylish.

Don’t the accessories look so much more yummy against a fabulous handbag?!

And here’s my version plus a few other non related add-on ramblings:

I am LOVING this 2 toned metal bracelet b/c I can wear it with silver or gold jewels. Sometimes I get nervous about mixing the two. Do you ever mix your silver w/ gold? 

ALWAYS wanted to wear yellow nail polish. I think it looks sooo cool and for me, I need to ‘think’ that I’m cool although I am really just a boring home body! Home with the husband and baby is where I feel most comfortable.

While I like the look of multiple skinny bangles, sometimes I can’t stand the noise that they make upon hand movement. It gets fairly annoying and after spending the day w/ a baby screaming in my ears, the less noise the better…please!

Nail polish in Margarita Senorita by CONFETTI, available at CVS for $1.99!!! SCORE. It’s taken me a while to find that perfect yellow polish, you know not the neon tacky kinda yellow but more of a classy toned down yellow. Almost like mustard in color. I gotta say, this color comes pretty close. And for the price, I almost died.

Also noted: I am a MAC fan.

And what’s a post w/o somehow including my little Zoey?! Here she’s grabbing my finger w/ one hand and w/ the other grabbing onto the strap of my handbag. She is my left hip attachment. Goes EVERYWHERE I go. Hopefully, when she hits 12, she’ll still think that mommy’s cool.

Images taken by yours truly with Canon Powershot S90. After stealing my husband’s 5D Mark ii for a while, I am back w/ my best friend. I love you, S90.

‘Til next post, Kellie.



  1. Love the yellow nailpolish! Yellow is such a hard color to pull off (and find the right shade of), but yours is perfect!


  2. Nicolette Mewing

    Great post! Absolutely adore the pic of the Mac compact with the neon nails – reeeow! XO CL


  3. Wow! Now THIS is arm candy!!! Love, love, love it! Great photos – great accessories! I too LOVE the big bracelet/cuff!! And many thanks for the like btw!!!


    • Nicolette Mewing

      What a great community award 🙂 Congrats Le Zoe Musings! xx And also congrats to you Scribbler!


  4. I love the bracelets! I recently got into bracelets as well and cannot get enough of them! 🙂 There are such beautiful ones out there!!! And of course, Mac cosmetics!!! I am a total addict!!! Unfortunately, there is only one shop selling it here in Germany so that I have to order it online! When I lived in the UK that never was a problem because you could buy it everywhere!!!


  5. I love confetti nail poslishes!! so fun and frugal!! i have tons but my fave is the rainbow sparkly one! You need to see my recent pics from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! Im addicted to arm candy and mixing handbags! hope to inspire you as you inspire me!


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