I AM 1 !!

Our little baby turns 1 today!! This has to be the biggest milestone yet!

A photo journal of Ms. Zoey’s first yr of life:

She has brought so much happiness into our lives this past yr and we are looking forward to celebrating many more yrs as Ms. Zoey grows into a toddler, big girl, and a beautiful  woman…

Mommy + Daddy love you, Zoey!!

Bday celebration pics to come later!!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


85 thoughts on “I AM 1 !!

  1. You and your daughter are beautiful! My nephew’s first birthday is in a few weeks. I need to look at your Etsy store for baby presents.


  2. Beautiful daughter, beautiful photography.
    Children are such a precious gift, enjoy every minute because it all goes so fast my youngest 2 (twins) are 21 this year!


  3. LOVE all the pics of your adorable daughter. The one of hr at 8 months is stunning though! Congrats to you and her daddy for making it through the first year! May you be blessed with and enjoy many many more years with your precious little girl!


  4. Happy 1 year to Zoey! Kellie, I love your posts, although I don’t comment all the time, I read them. I love how you have a photo for each month. My, my has she grown! Love her cute pink/blue dress!


  5. Wonderful pics! She’s gorgeous! To celebrate the first year must be very exciting! Can’t wait for our first year celebration! Just 2 months more…!

    Happy Birthday, Zoe!! May you be the happiest girl in the world!


    1. Senator Brett, I’m disappointed that you didn’t have something sarcastically funny to say but I guess how can you to such an innocent post, right?!! Looking forward to more of your funny comments!!Thanks for the encouragement. Best, Kellie


  6. Happy birthday Miss Zoey! She is just growing so beautifully. Stunning pics as always. It helps when the subject is so darn adorable!


      1. He’s wonderful (most days!) No, really, he is a huge joy and blessing. Still trying to figure out life with two little ones and finding it a bit more difficult than anticipated. Thanks for asking!


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