All the Little Things.

Just want to share all the little things around my place that I absolutely adore and probably would be hard to live without.Β 

Moleskine notebooks: light & tiny, fit anywhere, great for jotting down those little reminder notes / to do lists, & come in beautiful inspiring colors.

Gold dove ashtray: found this beauty at a thrift store for a whopping price tag of $1.99 (!), using it in my workspace to put little goodies such as paper clips, push pins, & jewelry that hasn’t made it back into my closet

frame: LOVE the gold accent and the curvature detail, to showcase family moments

hydrangeas: from the garden, add life and vibrancy to any space in the home, fresh flowers are hard to live without

mini metallic clips: for hanging up pictures and my artworks onto my vision board, love the gorgeous metallic colors & the teeny tiny size.

Things that make us happy don’t necessarily have to be massive and/or expensive. Sometimes it’s the little details that make the experience so much more worthwhile.

What little things do you have around your space that you can hardly live without? Please share!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


15 thoughts on “All the Little Things.

  1. The first thing that comes to mind is my Grandpa’s blue checkered handkerchief that I tie around one of the handles of my purse each day. I acquired it after he past away last September. It’s a great touch to my rather understated purses and it also helps me feel that my Grandpa is always with me. πŸ™‚


  2. I enjoy having a sweet scented candle on my desk. Currently, I’m enjoying the scent of chocolate hazelnut. It smells so good even when I don’t light it.

    Tammy of “Walking in Pretty Shoes”


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