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This post has been on my ‘to do’ list for the LONGEST time! I’m so glad that I can finally get to it. I’ve written a post about my workspace before, as seen here. But since getting my new FABULOUS office chair, the Agnes Side Chair from Stylish Furniture & Decor, I’ve been itching to do an updated post on my workspace.

As you’ll see, some things have changed and others remained the same.  So here I am – sharing with you (again) all the things that live in my workspace… my treasured personal items, things that I adore, my inspirations, diy pieces, etc.

Sit back and enjoy b/c there are tons of images!

Above the computer is a DIY (brass nail head bordered) vision board. Here’s the tutorial post.  Another DIY? The lace curtains sewn by the hubby!

Below are some of the items currently residing on the vision board.

To remind myself to breathe!

Calendar designed by yours truly.

LOVE this picture of us! Capturing the moment as we were ‘gettin jiggy w/ it’! 

A good way to decorate a narrow and tall wall is to stack prints vertically. Here’s a tutorial post on the DIY rose lanterns.

Sometimes, we just need to STOP. And then think again.

My husband is the MOST resourceful person I know. Several items in our home were custom made by him including our set of couch! Yes, the man can actually sew (!) Anyhow, living in the city, we are space deprived. In order to maximize this little nook in our room, he made this walnut desk to fit perfectly into the space.

And when I say custom built, I mean from SCRATCH. He draws the sketch (yes, he has an engineer degree although he doesn’t practice it professionally), cuts the wood, sands the rough edges, adheres the veneer, and glosses the surface! He is an absolute perfectionist! More so than I could ever be. 

It’s been ages since I’ve read a book. This little Shakespeare book is next on my bucket list.

Aside from hydrangeas and peonies, I absolutely LOVE dahlias! These are picked from our garden. Pretty cool, huh?

In my book, anything can be used as a vase.

So what’s in that white cabinet of ours? In each drawer are little white baskets acting as compartments to house little random things. I call these our ‘junk’ drawers. Thought it would be cool to add some shoe action in this shot so I busted out these cool black leather booties. 

And here she comes! Ms Zoey all up in momma’s business, as usual.

LOVE her in white garments.

Thank goodness, she is TOO young to know how much blank checkbooks are worth (or not), depending on how you look at it!

Here are the booties.

LOVE me some decor books. Banned by the husband from hoarding more.

Also had some last night as I was watching a movie while Zoey was sleeping and daddy was working. It was completely “mommy time”. Thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you very much!

Love the minimal look of these Ribba Ikea frames. They are so affordable at $10/piece.

Thanks for letting me share my workspace with you!

Do you have a workspace where you can create and let your creative juices flow? Also, what do you love the most/least about your space? Please share!

Til next post, Kellie


36 thoughts on “Tour of My Workspace

  1. This is such a great work space! We just moved into our new home a little over a month ago and I am just dying to begin with the decorating process. This post surely gave me plenty of ideas. BTW.. I LOVE PEONIES as well! 🙂


  2. I love the way you walked us through every detail. You have inspired me with some fantastic ideas. I love the tray on your desk, the flowers from your garden, the custom-made desk, the boots :-), EVERYTHING! Thanks for sharing your workspace! I think I will be making some changes in mine.


    1. Loved it. So much has been written about the importance of a positive environment.
      Yours looks lovely. Mine opens out onto a tiny hidden courtyard that I tend to myself.
      A delight.


    1. Hi Audrey- Nope, I don’t have the perfect lighting every time! It’s def. one thing that I struggle the MOST while taking pictures. Have a great one! Best, Kellie


  3. I am working on updating and reorganizing my office as we speak and your little nook has given me inspiration – thanks! Although, I’m a bit jealous of that custom made desk….it’s exactly what I need for my own space. Can I borrow your husband for a day?? the boots!


  4. Kellie, White….so love it and so not me (really!). My home dec is more the “country clutter in an old refurbed farmhouse”. Your approach is my “refresh ‘fix'” site!!!! Love the simplicity of white with the color-added accents (and, of course, Ms Zoey in white!). Thank you for letting me come for a ‘visit’….(smile). Hugs, Doreen


  5. love your workspace, so comfortable and fashionable, just amazing! Love to have your hubby do a tutorial, that desk is fab!


  6. Thank you for sharing, its a lovely use of space and I can see how things are put there to help inspire you throughout the day. I too enjoy and feel that it’s necessary to keep things around us that help us make light of things or just brighten our day and that those are revolving items……flowers, pictures, scents, mementoes and fashion pieces…


  7. I love sneak peeks into people’s spaces, and I LOVE your boots! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  8. I’m wondering if I can suggest to my boss to change our cubicle settings to be like this! It would be a much comfy place to work in.


  9. These are my favourite kind of posts – seeing where people get their creative juices flowing! nice work – love the personal touch showing us your wedding picture on the wall and all your books! (I’m a hoarder too!!) hehe xx love it


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