Great Taste Bakery

My husband and I have just a handful of places that we go religiously to satisfy our cravings. And believe it or not, none of them are fancy schmancy restaurants. We don’t go to restaurants for their aesthetics, or to impress each other, or to get to know each other. After so many yrs together, we are well over those stages and trust me, we know each other WELL. There ain’t nothing else to explore!

So wine and dine over candlelit dinners, they are so NOT for us.

We are actually into mom and pop joints. Aren’t those where you’d typically get the BEST food for the most reasonable prices? Plus, we like meals that taste like they came from a home kitchen.

Great Taste in Boston Chinatown made it onto our list. It’s a combined restaurant/bakery but we are more dedicated to the bakery section. If you are looking for them to patiently describe the items on the menu for you, you’re at the wrong place. This place is a hustler! In and out and no fuss about it. It’s pretty jammed pack during the weekends, so make sure you know what you want!

Oh yeah, and CASH only please.

We went to Great Taste last weekend to get the usual. Considering that this place is not so aesthetically pleasing, their bake goodies are nicely packed in a cute, semi schamcy box.

I usually get a walnut cookie (yes, just one please) and baked pork hom baos.

There are different fillings for the hom bao including red beans, creme, etc. What I always get is the bbq pork filled ones. There are also two types of baked hom baos, one with a smooth top surface and the other more flaky/indented as seen in the image above. I LOVE the flaky crust one!

Do you understand now why I only get one? The walnut cookies are GIMONSTERNORMOUS!! Yes, I might have made up that word but it’s the only word that can appropriately describes the size.

My husband’s favorite is the equally big in size, steamed pork buns. This is his go to lunch for really busy days when he doesn’t have time to sit down and enjoy a meal. Actually, he never does. The man’s usually SWAMPED at work.

Filling for the pork buns.

I usually devour this thing in one sitting. The length of the sitting depends on how desperate I am, anywhere from 5-15mins. How unladylike, I agree.

1 GIMONSTERNORMOUS walnut cookie, 2 steamed pork buns, and 2 hom baos set us back less than $9!

Visit Great Taste next time you are in the Boston Chinatown area. It’s a few steps away from the entry gate.

‘Til next post, Kellie.


12 thoughts on “Great Taste Bakery

    1. ….so sorry my comment was cut short! I was going to say that your awesome post brought back memories of a WONDERFUL mom and pop coffee shop that my hubby and I visited a lot while we were dating…until it became a Starbucks! It was so sad! I’m so happy that your favorite restaurant did not fall victim to the national and international chains!


  1. Love the photo of the steamed pork bun! I used to work right near there–will have to check it out next time I’m in Boston!


  2. I read, liked and shared this yesterday. Omg. It made me so hungry. I’m a closet foodie so, I couldn’t even bring myself to finish reading it all at once. LOL
    I’m so glad I found your blog. ^_^


  3. we call the steamed pork buns “siopao” here in the philippines..:) great taste esp when it’s fresh from the steamer.


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