Dallas, Here We Come…

What’s everyone’s plans for the weekend? We are flying in a couple of hrs to Dallas! Can’t believe it’s already 4pm!! I’ve been running around packing, cleaning, and just getting everything in order before we depart. I’m super excited about this weekend! We are attending my cousin’s wedding AND I get to meet up w/ a long time dear friend, his beautiful wife and son, Connor! It has been YEARS…

There’s soo much more work traveling w/ a baby- many things to bring and I’m kinda compulsive in that sort of way so I write EVERYTHING down on a list and make sure I go through the list a couple of times. Yes, Zoey needs 6 different hair clips for a weekend trip. Thank you.

Thought it would be fun to share a few things that I’m bringing w/ us (and also a good break for me after a day of packing exhaustion!):

I often put accessories in sunglass cases to protect them when traveling. Here I’m using a case to pack Zoey’s hair clips. I also have another case dedicated for my jewels. They also make great mini travel cosmetic cases for those tiny lipsticks and glosses. They’re the best hard protective case for all your tiny traveling needs!

Loving these heels b/c they are sooo light and give me the height that I desperately need. The fact that they are red, doesn’t hurt. 

Strutting red nails! I find red a great option for travel b/c it’s such a classic choice and goes w/ many outfits.

Ok. So I’m not bringing passion iced tea w/ me. Made some yesterday and enjoyed some today while packing and running around like a chicken! Super refreshing. Will do a post on the different ways to enjoy passion iced tea later.

Me and my jewels!

Raybans are so epic.

As always, have a great weekend!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


8 thoughts on “Dallas, Here We Come…

  1. Love the accessories! And I agree with you on the nails! Red is the best choice for a short travel!

    Your blog updates don’t appear in my reader lately. I went directly to your page since I thought it’s unusually for you to not post anything for so long & since I needed my dose of Le Zoe Musings:) (seriously!) I don’t know why it is so cause I don’t follow all that many blogs & it clearly shows I am following yours when I enter it… Strange thing…


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