DIY Gold Tip Baby Mary Janes

Mothers of little fashionistas- I have an extremely simple, inexpensive, & STYLISH weekend project for you to add to your bucket list. These diy gold tip baby mary janes are so irresistable! Your baby will surely not go unnoticed.

I got the metallic spray paint from home depot for about $4.Β  If you prefer silver, go for it!

Zoey’s tiny mary janes!

You can either position the tape straight across or aim for a slight crescent moon shape, which was what I did.

Place paper bag or newspapers beneath to catch excess paint.

For this particular spray paint, 30 mins to air dry is MORE than enough.

And voila! A new pair of mary janes for your precious one.

I’m sure your baby will enjoy these new babies!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


50 thoughts on “DIY Gold Tip Baby Mary Janes

  1. Those are the cutest shoes! I actually have three pairs of white shoes like this that I received for gifts and this is the perfect way to change then up a bit. I’m typing from my phone now so I can’t do it right now but I am probably going to link back to your diy on this from my blog if that is ok with you! πŸ™‚


  2. absolutely cute ! Thanks for liking my post and allowing me to visit your blog and enjoying it ! awesome !


  3. I only had sons, and so far no grand children at all. I LOVE this idea! So cute! I sure hope that if and when I have grand children, at least ONE of them is a girl so I can use this idea to pretty up her shoes!


  4. Oh how adorable! I wish I could do this to my sons’ shoes without them getting made fun of on the playground…lol. Hmm..I have nieces!


  5. Ok, I’m in love with this! I HAVE to know where you got those Mary Janes? I have been searching high & low for a plain pair like that!


  6. Wow, i cant believe how easy this is. It must be so nice to have a little girl. My friend just had a boy, which she is really happy about, but she told me, “What am i going to dress him in?” lol


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