A Dallas Wedding

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend! Ours was a blast!! We had so much fun spending time w/ families & friends although it was equally tiresome b/c we jammed everything that we wanted to do in 2 short days! Woke up at 4am today to catch an early flight home. Ms. Zoey is thoroughly exhausted and so is her momma.

Nonetheless, we still created memorable moments. Here are some pics from my cousin Mary’s wedding.Β  It was one of the most intimate, coziest, and beautiful wedding that I’ve ever attended.

Downtown Dallas surrounds us.

Zoey wore the CUTEST gray dress, daddy wore a dark gray suit, and mommy wore a pale pink dress w/ silver heels. We were a gray & pink family for the night.

GORGEOUS cake, don’t you agree?!

Such delicate, yummy looking flowers!

We are always somehow connected, fashion-wise.

How youthful looking and gorgeous is my mother?! This lady has NINE children (w/ the same man..my daddy)! YEP.

Bless her heart & soul! I can barely raise one.Β 

One of my sisters, Tam.

How grown does Zoey look?!

Yellow and white floral centerpieces.

Super refreshing salad!

I am a meat LOVER.

Decked out in props for our photobooth session.

Talk about OVERSIZED sunnies!

He is a great father. Feeding Zoey.Β 

Haven’t worn a skin tight dress in AGES!

May you have a bright and beautiful future together!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


46 thoughts on “A Dallas Wedding

  1. My mother had ten children – cheers to our amazing mothers, they’re an inspiration. Your daughter is so precious, your family is truly beautiful! May God bless you guys. -YB


  2. Um, these photos belong in a magazine! There is so much style, gorgessity and modernity in every shot. And wow, you and your family are incredibly beautiful. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!


      1. It fit perfectly! Truly lovely! You need to go back to Dallas some time and spend more time. I think you’d really like the city. We used to live there about 3 years ago.


    1. Hi- These shots were taken by Canon 5D mark ii although I take alot of my blog photos w/ Canon S90 Powershot. Pictures w/ me in it- my husband takes them. Pictures w/o me- I take them! We just like shooting pics and no, we are not professional photographers! I get asked that question ALOT! Best, Kellie


    1. Thanks!! Yes, Zoey is growing sooo big right before our eyes. Each morning, I am in awe at how much she’s grown since the night before! Silly- I know. Best, Kellie


  3. You three are quite the pair and looked amazing! You and your Husband have such a great eye for photography! πŸ™‚ I always look forward to your posts Kellie!


  4. Beautiful photos, Kellie! Thanks for sharing with us; I always enjoy looking at your posts on your travels. You have a beautiful family and are blessed with a precious baby girl. Love your pink dress, too!


  5. You three ring up as “5 stars” once again!!! The gray/pink tableau is stunning on you all! The cake…..sigh……what more can words express!? Those tiny flowers so casually/perfectly placed! Many blessings and happiness to the bride & groom. Your mom……..are you sure she’s not another sis???????? Hugs, Doreen


  6. I love Zoey’s dress! I have a hard time finding pretty dresses for my daughter, she’s only 3 months old but the choices are so limited. Where do you usually shop for baby clothes?


    1. Hi- I shop EVERYWHERE for Zoey and I find that most stores have alot of options for girls. Gymboree, children’s place, gap, old navy, carter, zara, janie and jack, etc. Have fun dressing up your little one! It’s the added perk for having a little baby girl! Best, Kellie


      1. Thanks, same on you! It’s a gorgeous peplum dress, great color too, doesn’t come on too strong. Tell Zoey she is adorable, she must get that a lot πŸ˜‰


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