Wedding Cupcakes

Cupcakes has been so trendy for many yrs now and the craze is still going strong. Nowadays, you’ll find them more and more at weddings in place of wedding cakes. I remember for my wedding of 500+ guests, we actually forgot to cut our cake (until the VERY end) and didn’t even get a chance to serve it! I guess we were having way too much fun!

Imagine, having a cake big enough to feed 500+ guests and having to bring the ENTIRE thing home! Would it have been better to serve cupcakes instead and have the guests help stuff themselves w/ as many as they can?

No cutting, no serving, no mess, and certainly no overlooking to serve them!

So if you are one of those brides who wouldn’t mind forgoing your traditional wedding cake for these tiny, beautiful yummy morsels, here’s a cupcake feast for your eyes. Some even come with recipe links!

A Round up from my pinterest board, Til Death Do Us Part.


LOVE. LOVE. LOVE this wedding cake montage!! via

Fresh baked blooms | Meringue bouquet cupcakes. For recipe, click here.

24 Carrots. For recipe, click here.

Modern, simple, square cupcake stands!

Berrry Delicious | Meringue Cupcakes with Strawberry, Rhubarb, and Creme Fraiche. For recipe, click here.Β  Images above via

Love the delicate looking flowers!

Beautiful blush pink petals.

Way too pretty to eat.

Images above via.

Something borrowed, something blue..

How freakin’ CUTE!! Bride & Groom cupcakes.

Realistic looking rose cupcakes. Images via.

Budding Beauty | Three-tier Wedding Cupcakes. For recipe click here. Via


Love the LACE cupcake sleeves and the I do’s.Β  via

Gorgeous and yummy! Via

Would you consider serving cupcakes for your wedding? Please share!

‘Til next post, Kellie.



34 thoughts on “Wedding Cupcakes

  1. Even though a wedding is years away in my future this post has got me dreaming about what I want to have at my own wedding. Cupcakes are a novel idea! I like how you included the recipes for some of them. Also, thanks for following my blog. πŸ™‚


  2. This all just looks so delicious and yummy. I am seriously considering having cupcakes at my wedding, because then I could have such a variety of flavours to please all my guests. Thanks for sharing all these lovely photos.


  3. OMG, these look amazing, I LOVE cupcakes. Seriously, my office is a lot of girls who are not big dessert eaters but I have not indulged in a while. I think I can talk the one pregnant coworker into walking to Sprinkles Cupcakes with me today for a treat!


  4. “Bouquet Cupcake” and “Berry Delicious with Meringue” are my favorite. But if course, I’d eat them all! YUM! This is a great compilation of cupcakes. Probably the best I’ve ever seen. Very nice! Sharing now.


  5. I love the meringue bouquet! If I were to have my wedding all over again (yeah, right!), I’d substitute my wedding cake for cupcakes! you can decorate with all the dainty designs and pastel colors. Really pretty post x


  6. The meringue with strawberry looks like something Jesus would have turned the cake into when He was at that wedding where He made the wine… that is to say that it looks Divine!

    At my wedding I plan on having… wait… are strippers considered “dessert?” Kidding, kidding… carrot cake is my favorite.

    Have a good one. Keep the ideas and suggestions coming. You have great taste.



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