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I Have a Crush on You!

Have you ever met people who ALWAYS project a positive aura and are the kindest, most joyful people to be around with?! Well, I have to say that lucky for me, I have!

My friend Bao and his wife Suzanne has got to be one of these rare people! So energetic, positive, and full of love! I was so excited to get to spend time w/ them in Dallas this past weekend after so many YEARS.

Last time I saw him, we were both married w/ no kids. This time, we get to meet their little handsome young fellow, Connor and they get to meet Ms. Zoey Le. It was a great reunion!

Here we are at the Thai’s residence. I was actually extremely exhausted at this point from sleeping only a few hrs the night before. 

Bao was sooo kind enough to cook lunch for us. It was a recreation of a salmon salsa dish that he once made over 7 yrs ago! It was soo yummy and even better this time! Salmon skin had the PERFECT crispiness.

Warning: you might die looking at the next pictures. I do, each time!

Meet Connor. Isn’t he the most adorable thing ever?!

Not sure who has a crush on who or it’s just an innocent kiss but I DIE looking at this picture each time!!

Connor got teary-eyed when we said good bye (for now) and for the record, Connor is kissing her nose NOT lips!

‘Til next post, Kellie.



  1. Special Moments Gifts

    Oh, the pictures are so cute! That is just adorable! 😉 x


  2. Michaela Rena

    What an adorable post. It is such a gift to be around the people that are the grids of Love in the Universe. May you also continue that vibration of Love forward. Namasté


  3. i shot my cousin’s wedding a few years ago and i captured two toddlers literally making out for like, 5 minutes. the parents were finally like, “uhmm, that may be a little too much!” haha


  4. Awwwwwwwww! This may be your cutest post yet! Also, the Salmon with Mango Salsa looks worth a try! Must make something like that; what a great idea.


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