I Have a Crush on You!

Have you ever met people who ALWAYS project a positive aura and are the kindest, most joyful people to be around with?! Well, I have to say that lucky for me, I have!

My friend Bao and his wife Suzanne has got to be one of these rare people! So energetic, positive, and full of love! I was so excited to get to spend time w/ them in Dallas this past weekend after so many YEARS.

Last time I saw him, we were both married w/ no kids. This time, we get to meet their little handsome young fellow, Connor and they get to meet Ms. Zoey Le. It was a great reunion!

Here we are at the Thai’s residence. I was actually extremely exhausted at this point from sleeping only a few hrs the night before. 

Bao was sooo kind enough to cook lunch for us. It was a recreation of a salmon salsa dish that he once made over 7 yrs ago! It was soo yummy and even better this time! Salmon skin had the PERFECT crispiness.

Warning: you might die looking at the next pictures. I do, each time!

Meet Connor. Isn’t he the most adorable thing ever?!

Not sure who has a crush on who or it’s just an innocent kiss but I DIE looking at this picture each time!!

Connor got teary-eyed when we said good bye (for now) and for the record, Connor is kissing her nose NOT lips!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


17 thoughts on “I Have a Crush on You!

  1. What an adorable post. It is such a gift to be around the people that are the grids of Love in the Universe. May you also continue that vibration of Love forward. Namasté


  2. i shot my cousin’s wedding a few years ago and i captured two toddlers literally making out for like, 5 minutes. the parents were finally like, “uhmm, that may be a little too much!” haha


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