What’s That?!

Hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend so far! Yesterday, we attended my nephew’s baptism and while sifting through the images I spotted a series of pictures that was so adorable of Ms. Zoey.

She was completely mesmerized by something in the air and daddy caught her response frame by frame. It was soo cute and funny!

Here, something caught her attention!


Super curious.


What’s that?! I would love to know what the heck she’s staring at!

And here she is messing with a huge bucket of beer. A little rascal, this little one!

Just wanted to share these cute moments w/ you. Will do a full posting on the main event later.

** Can’t wait for our homemade clambake today!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


17 thoughts on “What’s That?!

  1. Zoe totally reminds me of my friend’s kitty here, who can often be found staring in amazement at something in the air (which we big humans can’t seem to see). 😛


  2. At least she is going for the good beer! She has great taste! BTW, good luck with all that!

    Also, what are your thoughts on me posting a series of pics of my fantasy football team on FB? I have so many friends that post pics of their kids going back to school… and I think that it is because they are proud of their little creation… and I think, “Well, I don’t have kids… but I did create my fantasy football team, and we won the last two years… so…” 🙂




  3. She is gorgeous! Something caught her attention and she was totally mesmerized. It would be beautiful to see life through the eyes of a young child again.


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