A Baby Affair

This past weekend, we attended my nephew’s baptism. Baby Khoi, aka Utty, was born about 1.5 mths ago and joins my husband’s side of the family as the 2nd nephew.

After the ceremony, we headed back to their place to celebrate w/ some yummy food and out of state family members.

Meet baby Khoi (Utty). How did I capture such a perfect moment? He’s staring straight at the camera!

My personalized ABC Boy artwork hangs above his changing station.

The perfect outfit for a baby boy’s baptism. The linen material was ideal to beat the summer heat.

So stylish. Gray pumps by TAHARI.

Jacadi has the CUTEST baby clothes! To visit their store, click here.

The personalized train was made by his parents. Isn’t so cool?!

Meet Helen (my husband’s sister), the new mommy.

Helen bought these pails to hold flower arrangements.

Fresh blooms from Whole Foods.

GORGEOUS! I love the lighting in this picture.

Utty has the coolest baby boy nursery! Full of vintage finds, style, and cuteness. Will do a full posting on his nursery later. Helen did such a great job with Utty’s own little sanctuary.

Helen and her husband made these baby clothing hooks (so creative AND original!) out of spare wood pieces and old wagon wheels. Notice how the yellow and blue letter blocks spell out “Utty”.

This cashmere onsie will come in handy for the upcoming autumn season.

Even the baby hangers boast a cool vintage look.

Outside, Zoey was all up in this beer bucket!

After about 15 mins of soaking her hands in the iced bucket, she started to cry b/c her hands were icy cold!  Lesson learned?!

In the Vietnamese tradition, it’s fairly common to serve a whole roasted pig to celebrate a big event- baptism, engagement, wedding, etc. What kind of food is common in your tradition as part of an important celebration?

The skin was sooo crispy!  Perfectly roasted.

Trays of eggrolls…

Helen bought the pails & blooms and I arranged them. Love how it all came together. 

Blue ribbon bows for a baby boy.

I also made some tiny floral arrangements, using small drinking glasses as vases.

Love the color combination.

She was completely drenched in water! After this adventure, Zoey had to don another outfit.

It’s not obvious in the picture, but her white tutu has tiny silver glitter specks…so adorable!

And baby makes three!

Hope you enjoyed this special family posting.

‘Til next post, Kellie.


13 thoughts on “A Baby Affair

  1. Beautiful family photo that they will treasure, and your niece is a sweetheart too… yes that getting cold fingers when playing with iced water and then crying about it is completely normal at this age LOL, as is too the change of clothes because of the water 🙂 It’s all about exploration and finding out about the world and how things work.
    Lovely photographs…!!!


  2. Hi. Thanks for “liking” mm y blog.

    What a love family day and what a talented family you are to make all these things.

    We don’t have anything special for christening in England only a rich fruit cake which by tradition was the top tier of the wedding cake. But in these days when couples put off having a baby for several years, this is no longer adhered to.

    Love Denise


  3. We do not have any special food for events like that! For Christmas (that is the 24th in Germany), however, many families in Germany have potato salad with sausages (of course we Germans HAVE to have sausages… LOL)

    Your nephew is soooooo adorable!!!! 🙂


  4. In my family we celebrate special occasions with a lamb on a spit. We put garlic under the skin together and take turns rubbing it with herb branches and oils as it turns. It takes all day but no matter how it turns out it is a feeding frenzy!


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