Panko Fried Eggplant

You haven’t had fried food unless you’ve had fried eggplant. And you haven’t made fried food unless you’ve made them with panko. PERIOD.

Bold statements there, I know. But TRUST ME on this.

How delish does this look?!!!

I usually use newspapers to soak up excess oil, however, in honor of fashion week, I’m using a fashion catalog instead. Still does its job but looks so much more cool and appropriately so for this time of the week!

4 super easy steps and really take just a few mins to make! Good things are not always so complicated. I usually cut the eggplants in a diagonal w/ the skin on. The flour & h20 batter is usually 2 parts flour to 1 part h20. You basically want to form a wet ‘glue’ for the panko to stick on. A flour & egg batter works just as well.

After frying and giving them a few mins for the excess oil to drain, sprinkle with salt. Here, I have pink Australian flakes.

Australian salt though is a little hefty in price so substitute w/ sea salt if you must. I like them both! Enjoy the fried eggplants while hot.

Once you bite into these, they are pure heaven in your mouth. The inside is sooo light and almost creamy like.

The panko helps create a super crunchy crust outside which is soo yummy in contrast to the light mushy texture inside.

If you are not familiar w/ panko, they are basically Japanese bread crumbs. They come in fine or coarse. Use the coarse one if you prefer a super crunchy outcome which was what I did. If they happen to be too coarse, you can just break them a little bit by hand. 

** I thought that this catalog page showing two different colors of wood planks was TOO PERFECT for my purpose of shooting two different types of panko. Sometimes, the stars & moon align perfectly.

I like things pretty salty.

I’m not a drinker so beer doesn’t do it for me but I’m sure for many of you, beer adds to the experience. I prefer sodas.

Hope you try this!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


6 thoughts on “Panko Fried Eggplant

  1. SHE IS RIGHT! I have done this recipe before… Its amazing.. Matter of Fact Panko Crust is amazing! Make sure to do fish tacos with a similar recipe. Beer batter and panko crust.


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