Chez Boucher, A French Bistro

Hello all! I hope that you are having a GREAT weekend! We had such a super busy & fun day. Ms. Zoey is exhausted from too many adventures for a little girl and fell dead asleep before we even made it home! Will tell all on a later post.

This post, however, is a continuation of a previous one, Hampton Beach/Seafood Festival. In that post, I left off with us going to dinner at Savory Square Bistro/Chez Boucher. Well, I want to share the all the deliciousness that was experienced that night.

If you are a French food fan, I highly recommend this bistro which is in the Hampton, NH area. The atmosphere is very cozy and romantic although the space is fairly small so you can basically hear what others are conversing about, if you listen in hard enough! For me being in a French restaurant reminds me of the time we stayed in Paris during our honeymoon. Good memories.

So this was a complimentary croissant to start off and I must say that it was sooo yummy. I think for the most part b/c it was completely soaked in butter.

Ms. Zoey getting some juice action. 

I was so impressed w/ this charcuterie board. Not only was it eye candy but it tastes so delish as well! The board consisted of country pate, chicken liver mousse, asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, assorted cheeses, pickled vegetables, toast, herb mayo, and a grain mustard sauce. I think the only thing missing was probably some fresh figs but that would have been asking for too much!

I have a weakness for tiny little dishes, especially cute white ones.

This country pate did not disappoint!

A cozy and intimate atmosphere. I don’t recommend bringing a 1 yr old to this place (like we did!). Zoey started being fussy so we felt bad for the neighboring diners and left a little bit early. Eating out with a child has not been the same! 

Pickles were perfect to cut the fat.

This was one of my favorites b/c I LOVE prosciutto!

Zoey started to fade and felt tired.

I don’t know what kind of cheese this was but it was freakin’ delish. It was a little sweet which I like.

Liver mousse = heaven on earth.

I had this for dinner. OMG. OMG. OMG. Super rich but sooo yummy! It had white truffle oil (!!) and topped w/ shaved parmesan cheese and baby spinach.

I have died.

Poor Zoey! Started being fussy shortly after this picture was taken!

My husband had this duck dish which was almost equally as good.

Grilled duck breast to perfection.

When you enter the restaurant, to the left is the bar and to the right is the bistro entry door, which always remains closed. 

A must try if you are in the area! What type of food is your fav? Please share!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


12 thoughts on “Chez Boucher, A French Bistro

  1. Beautiful photos! I, myself, have been a bit scared of French food since my one and only visit to a French restaurant; I found the food a bit too rich, But, you’ve given me the confidence to give it another try! 🙂


  2. Fabulous pix, all that food looks SO yummy! I’m going to Paris for Fashion Week very very soon and can’t wait to have a proper French croissant.


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