Nashoba Valley Winery

This past weekend we went to Nashoba Valley Winery, a vineyard and apple orchard, this place was so breathtaking. It sat on a hilltop (reminds me of the rolling hills of Tuscany) and there’s this vast green grass space where you can bring your own food and nonalcoholic drinks to picnic. You can also add to the experience by purchasing their in house wine and enjoy it along w/ your picnic.

The weather was so perfect. The air had a slight autumn chill but as the day progresses, it got a lot warmer. So much like an Indian summer day.

Oh, how I want to go back to Tuscany!!

Behind us is the wine shop.

After dining at Chez Boucher, I was inspired to do my own version of the charcuterie plate, except for mine had more variety of other ingredients (besides meats/pates) and it was a personal size. One for me & one for the hubs.

Spindrift- grapefruit & lemonade flavors.

There were tons of picnic tables but they were all out in the open sun which can be too glaring for Zoey. Instead, we found this perfect spot under a tree where daddy found some random logs. He put them next to each other and made the perfect picnic table.

You must try making a fruit and cheese plate next time you picnic, or host a party! It’s super easy & fast…no mess, no cooking, and so delish!

We had some leftover wheat & nut bread so I took a round cookie cutter and cut them into tiny round sizes. Put them in the toaster until they were perfectly crunchy.

Yep, I added some tiny sparkles onto my ring finger.

Duck liver mousse on top of my homemade croutons. A duo made in heaven.

I assembled these sandwiches on location b/c I didn’t want the bread to get soggy.

Zoey was thoroughly enjoying herself.

I swear, my husband looks sooo young in this pic!

Gorgeous scenery!

Don’t these apples look so yummy and fresh?!

Below is a series of Zoey picking her apple!

She spots the apple and go in for the kill.

So happy to have picked the apple!

Enjoying her freshly picked apple.

Do you see us in the background?!

Wine tasting was only $5 (which also comes w/ the glass that you can take home) but the line was so long that ended up skipping the tasting.

Life is good!

Nashoba Valley is just one hr away from Boston.  The place is quite a contrast from the bustling city. Makes a nice getaway for a day or two.

Images via the husband.

‘Til next post, Kellie.


10 thoughts on “Nashoba Valley Winery

  1. Your posts, overall, have inspired me to explore more of my home state with the family! To take more trips together…to make life mean more than just going to work and paying the bills! Thank you so much, Kellie!


  2. Your picture look beautiful and seems like you all enjoyed a lovely day! I can’t wait to be on my grandfather’s winery in 2 weeks and make some wine!


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