My Sisters Are AMAZING!

I have to say that I’m lucky enough to be born into a HUGE family! I have 5 AMAZING sisters and each one is unique in her own sassy kinda way. Yes, we got our sassiness from our momma! And apparently, Ms. Zoey is sassy herself, which means that she probably got it from me!

When one of my sisters gave Zoey an IPAD, I had the hardest time finding the perfect case.  Being a minimalist, I was looking for something thin, lightweight, yet still boasts quality & style.

Just a few weeks ago, another sis (I know, it’s confusing mentioning all these sisters!) got me this uber stylish red IPAD case & it was everything that I was looking for! I am so in love w/ this case…

(oh yeah, this Gucci bag was also gifted by one of my sis!)

But obviously it’s not the fancy gifts that make them all so special. My oldest sister is the BEST cook ever. She taught me how to make the 2 most DELISH authentic Vietnamese dishes, Bun Bo Hue (Spicy Beef Noodle Soup) & Pho (Beef Noodle Soup). I can confidently say that b/c of her, I’ve acquired some major BBH & Pho cooking skillz! To see my Pho recipe post, click here.

Then there’s my sister who’s a yr younger than me. She’s the philosophical one out of the bunch and I can always count on her for some sisterly pep talk. She’s my go to gal when my mind is in a state of confusion. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen too often! When I first thought about starting this blog, it was her who encouraged me to lay out my intentions, the topics that I wanted to share, and the message that I wanted to convey, etc.

And my youngest sister… she would adopt Zoey in half a heartbeat. She & her bf are completely head over heels obsessed w/ Ms. Zoey Le. In my mind, they would love and take care of her just as if she were their own.

Imagine us getting together during the holidays! MAJOR crazy fun chaos.

People come and go but family will always remain. Keep them close to your heart.

‘Til next post, Kellie.

19 thoughts on “My Sisters Are AMAZING!

  1. My sister an I never really got on that well when we were younger, but now we’re pretty much best friends! We’re complete opposites still and always get on each others nerves but I don’t know what i’d do without her 🙂


  2. This is a beautiful post.
    I myself am one of 4 girls and we are all completely different from each other but we are SO close and share so much together.


  3. I actually have no brothers or sisters, but instead of them I have a bunch of great friends. Its nice to have people around you which are positive and with who you can have fun and on the other hand give you their shoulder when you need one to cry on. Feel blessed!


  4. Zoey on the iPad? In no time, she’ll be upload her own age-appropriate fun and interactive apps.


  5. Very sweet. 🙂 Now, when are you going to share some of these Vietnamese dishes with us? I love to cook and have not tackled that cuisine yet!


  6. Kellie, I know all too well about being apart of a big family. I have 4 sisters and two brothers. One serious combination of different personality when the holidays roll a round and in general.

    Family ❤ gotta love'm!



  7. I have 3 sisters, too bad were scattered around the world. But we connect daily through Viber group text 🙂


    1. SB, It’s the same for me. I’m the second oldest of seven in one crew and the first born in another.


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