When the Weather is Nippy

The weather outside has definitely dropped in temperature. It’s been fairly chilly, enough to turn on our fireplace. This is the type of fall weather that I absolutely LOVE. Not bone-chilling cold, just cold enough that a stylish jacket & scarf combo will suffice.

What I love even more is our family “nippy weather tradition” (for lack of better terms). The miniature white lights around our windows illuminate, daddy turns on French Jazz, Zoey will often dance to the music, and I’m found sipping tea & blogging (as I am at this moment).

It’s our family bonding moment.

I honestly don’t know where Zoey learns how to move to the sound of music. It must be innate. When we listen to French Jazz or instrumental music, Zoey twirls around w/ one hand always higher than the other. It’s like she’s doing the Waltz or some sort. Very delicate and in tune. It’s the cutest thing! Each time she twirls, our reactions have always been like it’s her first time- excited & in awed! 

This Parisian style phone is solely for eye candy purpose.

Currently digging this Fortum & Mason tea, which my youngest sis got for me when she was in Paris.

Tea & blogging- the perfect combination.

Zoey wears these handmade sushi slippers to keep her feet warm. Yep, those are sushi pieces on top of rice – wrapped w/ seaweed! Too CUTE for words! To visit the store, click here.

As you may already know from my previous post, Vision For Our New Living Space, we are currently redecorating our living space. This picture shows all the things that we still need to do to this part of our living room. The hubs sewed these sheer white curtains but still needs to add the grommets. Slowly but surely, we’ll get there!

I’ll def. share snippets of our makeover progression as we move forward in our design process.

Hope you are enjoying the lovely fall weather and have a GREAT weekend!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


12 thoughts on “When the Weather is Nippy

  1. I love your family’s idea of the “nippy weather tradition”. It may inspire me to start one in our home. By the way, Zoey’s sushi booties are impossibly adorable!


  2. It is cold here in Chicago too, 45 this morning! I like your lights around the window and that room is so pretty already, I can’t wait to see when it is finished. As always, Ms. Zoey is very pretty.


  3. I want sushi booties as well!!! They are great!!! 🙂 And I cannot agree more on the combination of blogging and tea… I am doing the same thing at the moment!!!


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