Fashion Finds UNDER $20!

I did the homework. All you have to do is SHOP! Here are 10 fashion finds under $20! The best abode, beauty, & closet must haves for prices you wouldn’t believe. WORD.

My FAVS are the Navy Ikat Dinnerware (LOVE!!), mustard stripes scarf (SO CHIC), & the burgundy clutch (HOT FALL COLOR).

What’s yours? Please share!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


20 thoughts on “Fashion Finds UNDER $20!

  1. That’s what im talking about, trendy but accesible prices! thank you for liking my post and following, im following back since i love fashion blogs (being one myself), and this one is very pretty! im guna look around for a bit 🙂 thanks again!!!


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