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Fashion Finds UNDER $20!

I did the homework. All you have to do is SHOP! Here are 10 fashion finds under $20! The best abode, beauty, & closet must haves for prices you wouldn’t believe. WORD.

My FAVS are the Navy Ikat Dinnerware (LOVE!!), mustard stripes scarf (SO CHIC), & the burgundy clutch (HOT FALL COLOR).

What’s yours? Please share!

‘Til next post, Kellie.



  1. I love the Navy Ikat dinnerware too. The gold linings gave it an expensive look so I can’t believe it’s less than $20!


  2. I really want those earrings! The scarf is great, too! So many cute, reasonably priced items! And Zoya is my favorite brand of nail polish!


  3. Elisa

    Fab finds! Those shoes rock. I’m totally drooling over this post.


  4. paperportraiture

    That’s what im talking about, trendy but accesible prices! thank you for liking my post and following, im following back since i love fashion blogs (being one myself), and this one is very pretty! im guna look around for a bit πŸ™‚ thanks again!!!


  5. Do not tempt us! I love the scarf, the earrings, and the teacup and those bookends are so cute as well!


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