WINNERS of My Art Prints!

Hello all! I hope everyone’s having a GREAT day!! I want to ‘Thank’ everyone who entered my Birthday giveaway and even those who didn’t but continue to be avid followers of this blog.

When I first ventured into this blogging journey, I had a fear that no one will read it…why would anyone care? Setting my fear aside, I decided to follow my instincts and just write about the things that inspire me and hopefully that alone will attract anyone who shares the same passions… baby, food, design, fashion, etc.

7 months later and needless to say, I’m so glad I followed my instincts!

I can’t express how much I appreciate everyone who has continued to support my work, inspire me, and leave me such encouraging/sweet comments. YES! I do read through them ALL!!

So I’ll pause here before this starts to sound like a corny acceptance speech!

To get back to the original purpose of this post… here are the lucky 15 winners who will be receiving my art prints of choice! 

Brandie Sellers AH! Your prints are so adorable! I truly admire and appreciate your creativity! If I were to win, I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE the Love the Cafe in Paris print. Too cute! I’d put it in my kitchen or in our little nook where all of our extra cooking tools go.

prettyfrenemy Happy birthday! I hope you have a good one! You are such an inspiration to many.. While reading your story somehow I can personally relate, am not yet a mom but if I would be given a chance one day I will also choose to spend full time with my child. I really hope I can win one of your birthday giveaways hehe. As a coffee lover I love love the design of cafe je t’eaime brown mug. :) xoxo

Cheanne happy happy birthday :) love the abc boy art. it would be perfect for my son’s playhouse, which I made myself :)

thejoyofcaking Happy Birthday!! What a perfect b-day greeting to wake up to. I love your “love coffee” print. It’s beautiful and I’d proudly hang it in my craft room. I don’t have a fb account but I am on twittee and pinterest. I will tweet your post and pin my favorite print in hopes you will still consider me in the giveaway. I’m so glad you stopped by my blog – thank you. I have subscribed to yours :)

auntie k Happy Birthday Kellie! Wow, I can’t believe how much has happened in a year!! I remember emailing you in the beginning when I started blogging as well! You’ve gone so far and your such an inspirational blogger and mommy! I would love, LOVE the Lattes Print in my kitchen where I make my morning coffees! It’s super cute and totally would make my kitchen look cuter! I hope you had a wonderful birthday with your hubby and Little Miss Zoe!

Fwaire Happy Birthday! What an amazing looking cake! :O I can’t believe you’ve done all this in 7 months, i was sure you’d been at it for years! Also I love the Coffee Love picture. It would go over our ‘coffee station’ in our kitchen :)

heatherdecker Happy Birthday Kellie – and thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures with us. I would have to say that I love your “COFFEE LOVE” print, it would look adorable in my office at work, as it has just a hint of pink in it (my favorite color) and I’m sure it would look absolutely darling in a PINK frame too .. I love brown and pink together. This print would fit my morning routine, as the first thing I do when I get to work is get my coffee and read your blog :) Anyway, this print (if I’m so lucky to win it) would be hung in my office at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine, in Yakima, Washington. I work in the Office of Academic Support.. and so, I along with our 150+ medical students would have the pleasure of enjoying your artwork.. that would (again) look fabulous hanging behind my desk :) I’m not sure if we need to leave a post on your facebook wall to qualify for this contest too, but I’m a subscriber. Happy Birthday! -Heather Decker

Rebecca Happy birthday! I just celebrated my 1 yr old sons birthday two days ago! I would love to win one of your art prints. They are so cute! I’d love the “celebrate now” print if I won!! I love to be reminded to be more present. Thanks!

martagrace1984 Happy birthday!! It’s time for your works to come in Italy! :-) I love “celebrate now”, it’s perfect for my new workspace at home! Fingers crossed!

Alex Landar Thank you for being such a normal person. Thank you for always sounding so positive even though bad things do happen (you dilute them all). Thank you for sharing your life and that of your family with complete strangers who enjoyed being on the receiving end. Thank you for trying to make things so interesting with all the giveaways. Thank you for finally providing giftaway for international readers. Thank you for the celebrate collection. Thank you for giving away 15 prints to 15 people. Thank you for reading all the comments and answering mine on FB (I am Saga Yuui on FB btw). WordPress freshly pressed you right. I don’t remember how long I had been following you, but I enjoyed every part of the journey from seeing cute baby moments to finding out and drooling over food I never heard of. Notifications of your blog is definitely one of the things I look forward to the most in my email everyday. Sorry for writing so much. (>______<!!) If I do win, I do not mind either Celebrate life or Now. Both are my favourite among your art pieces. It will most likely go up on the wall facing the bed, or I will frame it nice and give it to someone I really like or appreciate a lot.

littlefashionistas Happy birthday Kellie!!! definetly this is YOUR YEAR ;-) My favourite print is the Family Tree, I’m also a mommy and love to have my own family. Big kiss

Sarah I LOVE the BOY ABC print. It will live in my son’s room. :)

K.H. (@KHBride) Happy birthday! I love the Ok, breath and drink tea. I’d send it to my sweet tea friend Dorothy

MC Chau Happy Belated Birthday! I would love the Coffee Love print – it would go either in my kitchen or office at work!

Sugar Madison Hi I love that your prints are now available for us! I always see you do amazing things and thought that would be cool to have. I would love to win the ABC boy art. My on is 3 months and I am still adding to his room and doing a bunch of framed items. needed to gather some more and this would be a perfect fit


Winners, please browse through the prints from my shop, Le Zoe Scribbles, and email mail me ( which artwork you would like to receive. Please also include your address! I will be sending out your prints by the end of this week.

Here’s a quick glance at my current artwork collection:

For anyone else who wants to purchase my prints, I will be offering a SPECIAL! Buy 2 prints and receive the 3rd for FREE! After placing your order, here, please email me ( which print you would like to receive for FREE!! This offer will run through Sunday, Sept. 30. Don’t miss out!

Congrats again to the winners!

‘Til next post, Kellie.

11 thoughts on “WINNERS of My Art Prints!

  1. WOW! That was really really unexpected! I had a tough week + was kept away from the net for three days, and today, I finally went to your blog via my phone in the last minutes of my lunch break, ignoring my idea of viewing the nice pictures on bigscreen in favour of reading earlier. And I was sooo surprised to see my name there!! I spent the hours after that debating between my choices… and I made it~ Will be sending the email soon~ Once again, thank Q!!!


  2. I can’t believe it!!!! Thanks so much Kellie, I’m so happy!!! Your blog is one of my favourites and inspire me every day, I’ll be very proud to have one of your Art Prints at home!
    Big kiss


  3. This totally just made my Tuesday .. what better way to celebrate my husband’s & I meeting 8 years ago today … than winning one of your art prints!!!! Yay!!! Thank You, Thank You .. I emailed you my info! -Heather Decker


  4. I really like your blog! I glad you did get your initial fear to jump into blogging. And I do so have weakness for fashion. Great print by the way! 🙂


  5. Happy Bday !!! Your prints are amazing ! I’m really impressed by them and by the quality of your blog ! Keep on the good work and … thank you very much for the follow ! Greetings from sunny Marseille, France.


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