My life is in shambles. And by ‘my life’, I mean my ‘closet’ or more appropriately named would be my ‘dressing room’ since we converted a small bedroom into my closet. And when I say small I mean TINY (city space for you)! Don’t think that I have a closet the size of a boutique b/c it ain’t so.

Although wouldn’t that be nice?!

I’ve officially declared, “Enough is enough!” I need a closet intervention and I will be the person intervening. After all, it’s my doing that my dressing room is in its current state of devastation. Actually, the person better to blame would be Ms. Zoey (my 1 yr. old baby). Since her inception into the family, I haven’t had the time to breathe let alone upkeep my closet! We’re talking priorities here.

So I’m making my dressing room a priority this week. Over the weekend I’ve downsized my clothing possessions to about 3/4ths from its original content. That’s MAJOR for me since I tend to have attachment issues. One bag stored away as my ‘pregnancy’ bag, another to donate, and a few pieces here & there given to my sister. Next step, clear out the clothing racks & reorganize.

And don’t get me started on my accessories. It’s driving me insane. I have a tendency to overload on accessories and they are ALL currently ‘lost’. NEED to think of a way to store them and make them well accessible to my fingertips. I do have a plan … just not turning it into a reality, yet.

Slowly I’m clearing EVERYTHING out and putting them back in…decluttered, neatly stacked, color coordinated and of course all in an eye candy sort of way.

A few pieces from my closet.

Below are a few macro shots. Because it’s all in the details.

I’ve always been a very nude/pale pink lips kinda gal and haven’t built up the courage to jump ship to red lips yet although I sense that it’s coming soon!

This Dior necklace was gifted by my sis in law and worn as part of my wedding attire.

Maybe when I get my closet to be in a presentable state again (yes, it once was..believe it or not!), I’ll do a post on my newly reorganized FAB closet!

Are you currently experiencing the same closet woes? Please share!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


14 thoughts on “Closet INTERVENTION!

  1. Sista, I hear ya! My closet is bursting open filled with shoes and sweaters. Nowhere to stuff those babies in my tiny closet. And there’s no way I’m going to get rid of any pieces…what if they come back into style in a few years?! ๐Ÿ™‚ Dilemma, dilemma…


  2. Will you (or have you?) post what your closet looks like? I was thinking about turning my oddly shaped and small office into a giant walk in. well. modest walk in. im stumped on the best layout.

    you should rent out the 1/4 of your closet, like we all love your style! =)


  3. Haha, I actually did the exact same thing yesterday! Everything from my closet was taken out, sorted, and, the lucky winning clothes, got put back in:) I always feel a sense of relief after a closet clean-up – unfortunately it doesn’t last:)


  4. I love re-arranging my closet because I always find things I haven’t worn in a long time! It’s like shopping… in my own closet ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. My closet is really small and the bar where I hang the clothes is all the way at the top and I hate having to either get the step stool or use a pole with a hook on it to get my clothes… actually the second I hate more, because things fall and get disorganised! The step stool is better! My mom is coming to visit in a few weeks and is going to help me install a lower bar that I can reach better and then I was thinking of using the higher bar to hang small things I rarely use maybe… I still need to think about it more. Happy Closet Reorganisation!


  6. So funny, I was just telling my Husband this weekend that when we get a house (next year) that I would like a “dressing room” instead of a closet. I have SOOO many ideas!!! And, I too and going through my wardrobe now, rearranging, and getting rid of things. I tend to do this every fall and again in the spring.


  7. Yes I’m most defintitely the same…And mines a room as well! (Despite living in a tiny bedsit…) Maybe i’ll go sort it out now…


  8. I’m in the same boat – I’m using this weekend to switch over summer to winter clothes (never had to do that before!) and I’m going to have a major declutter of everything that I don’t like, wear or that doesn’t fit me any more! And then I’m going to get new clothes that make me happy and suit me better ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. While my closet is not quite as impressive as yours… I DO have a lot of space to work with. My problem is none of my clothes excite me anymore… and as a result I don’t give them the love they deserve… meaning they don’t always make it to a hanger. My accessories (while limited) are relegated to my bathroom where I do most of my pretty-ing up. I’ve been planning a closet/wardrobe intervention for a while now… lack of funds means I can’t really ADD anything… but rather I have grand plans for repurposing and reinventing.


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