Turning 14 Months.

Ms. Zoey officially turns 14 months next week! She’s talking alot now, mostly to herself. Yesterday, she had a one way conversation for about 2 hrs nonstop. I wondered what she was talking about and whether or not she was answering her own questions.

Nowadays she has her own agenda, you’ll often find her walking around the house and making pit stops. Most of her stops are to the kitchen and digging everything out of the drawers about a million times a day. Mommy is just her assistant, goes around and picks up after her.

And on her busy daily agenda, there’s ALWAYS room for mommy. This child has no pride. Even when mommy ignores her or raises her voice at her, she comes running back w/ her arms wide open, begging for mommy’s love again.

Yes Zoey, I will always receive you w/ open arms, even if you suck the life out of me. LITERALLY!

Because “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.”

Zoey at her cousin’s nursery.

‘Til next post, Kellie.


19 thoughts on “Turning 14 Months.

  1. aww, my little girl is the same age as yours and dont they keep us busy now always running off with something in their hand and me running after her 24/7 its a fun age and they are just beginning to get into the demanding stage ..do you agree 😉


  2. I feel like you just posted on a day in my life! Children are just amazing (now that I have my own I get it) I espically got over the “mommy assistant” so true!


  3. So beautiful! I know exactly how you feel, my 2 year old sucks the life out of me every day. Right now she is tantruming in her bedroom going on about a fake boo boo because it’s nap time – and she doesn’t want to nap. Now that she’s in “the terrible twos” I’ve yelled at her more than I care to admit but she has unconditional love regardless, just as I do for her. This isn’t easy but it’s so worth it and rewarding! We will survive!


  4. adorable or what! once my seven year started talking he never stopped! also he has no volume control. My friend teaches him recorder and says he is barely quiet long enough to play! xxx


  5. Oh! She is so cute. I really think you shud actually upload her video too in your upcoming posts (I am new to this site n I really don’t know if that is possible here, If I am wrong I am sorry), so we too get to enjoy her cute conversations with herself. Looking forward to more posts on her.


  6. Awe so cute! I’m looking forward to those toddler conversations where I have no idea what they’re saying but they’re so entertained haha.


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