My NEW Dining Chairs!

Hi all! Hope everyone’s having a GREAT Saturday!! It’s rainy, cold, and completely gloomy here in Boston. Perfect weather to indulge in some sunny-side up eggs (topped w/ white truffle oil), fig jam, and toasts that the hubs made this morning!

Completely mouth watering!

Anyhow, by now you probably already know that we are in the midst of redesigning our living/dining area. (Here’s that post, in case you missed it!) Just a quick update- our new dining chairs arrived and I can’t be more excited!!

We traded in our wooden Danish chairs for these mid-century modern wooden eiffel ones. I like them much better for their style and minimalistic look. AND b/c they are white!

I have to admit that I fell IN LOVE w/ these chairs after pinning all these drool- worthy Scandinavian home designs onto my pinterest board, Abode.

Here’s a roundup of spaces that boast these gorgeous chairs (or similar):










Do you see where my love affair w/ white spaces come from?! via



We ended up getting 8 total, 2 sidearms for each of  the table ends, 4 for the sides of the dining table, and another 2 for our console (like the image above).

You can see our current Danish chairs, here.

What do you think of our chair choices?

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14 thoughts on “My NEW Dining Chairs!

  1. Great choice! Actually I started liking these chairs cause of your beautiful posts. And I like the way they look in your new living room. I also oh so understand your love to white interiors…!


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