Monday Musings

Hi all! Hope you had a GREAT weekend! Just want to share some random musings.

In breakfast news, I had a maple and pecan muffin w/ some white tea. Delish and comforting. I don’t usually eat muffins often but have been slightly obsessing over them this past week. My cravings are fairly random and sporadic.

In renovation news, we finally finished painting our kitchen drawers white. What was supposed to be a quick reno project ended up taking over a yr! We started this project before Zoey was born. The last finishing touch was to add these GORG knobs by Anthropologie.

In baby news, this weekend we transitioned Zoey from the bottle to a training sippy cup. She’s been drinking juice from another sippy cup but for milk, she’s always had it in her bottle. The transition went well…didn’t even noticed that mommy switched out the bottles! Also, my sis in law went on a spree and got Zoey a bunch of cold weather accessories from Janie & Jack. They have the CUTEST baby clothes! I particularly LOVE the pair of wool gloves and hat that she picked out for Zoey.

In decluttering news, I’m about half way done with my closet overhaul. I basically took everything out and put them back in w/ new and improved organizational methods. I’m thinking of possibly selling some of the pieces that deserve more love than I’ve given them. However, I don’t want it to be a wasted effort. I wonder if anyone would be interested. This is me thinking out loud.

For today’s lunch news, I had a yummy and refreshing/light salad. After weeks of eating all the addicting high fat content foods, this was a nice and pleasant break. My waistline is thanking me. Once in a while, I strive to not disappoint it.

Hope you enjoyed my musings!


9 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. We used those same sippy cups to transition my daughter- the fact that the mouthpiece is silicone makes for a pretty smooth transition!


  2. You are very stylish and yes you should try and sell some of those pieces you know longer need! I bet they will be snatched up quickly! I can’t wait to see some of these rooms when they are completely renovated and revealed to us.


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