Thinking Out Loud

No specific post objective here, just random thoughts running through my head. So I’ll think out loud and if you would like to comment about my random ramblings I would love to hear all about it.

The weather is kinda gloomy today, it’s been like this for a good few days and will remain like so for another couple of days to come. On days like this, what I would LOVE to do is go under the blanket, turn on French jazz, lit a candle, sip coffee, indulge in something sweet, read inspiring blog posts, and forget that I have normal mommy/wife/work duties.

Work-wise, I’m currently collaborating w/ several companies to help build brand exposure. I am finalizing my website, LE ZOE, which will be live any day now! In addition, I’m constantly creating new prints for Le Zoe Scribbles.  And I’ve also been thinking of a way to take Le Zoe Musings to that next creative level. Videos come to mind. I would LOVE to create videos for this blog, whether it be documenting some of Zoey’s milestones, touring the different towns that I visit, or taking you through a one day weekend adventure.

However, there are obstacles to this concept. First and most importantly, I don’t have any experience working with film editing programs (b/c everything I put out there has to be creative and presentable in nature, so shaky home videos won’t cut it for me). Second, time is the enemy (Zoey consumes 90% of my day). I do a lot of my work after she goes to bed, but lately, I’m exhausted by that point!

Like photography, video editing will have to be a self taught kinda deal. Luckily, I have a VERY resourceful husband, my partner in crime who will help and guide me through this process as he learns it himself (this is how we often roll). I will have to conquer this ambition like everything else that I do, through trial and error. The reality is, you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.

So VIDEOS to come…SOON!

Sometimes, I think of this blog as a snippet of my life’s journal. Zoey’s milestones from 6 mths to date have been documented on the pages of Le Zoe Musings. My sister encourages me to print out all of my posts, bind it into a folder, and give to Zoey as a gift when she gets older. Not a bad idea, right?

Lately, I’m a muffins addict. Today, it’s chocolate chip muffin. I am SO SORRY, waistline.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts out loud.

“I am a perfectionist at work, a creative at heart, and a LOVER of all things Parisian!”


16 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. I enjoy breaks with your posts, mostly because they are not complicated for one, and for two your entries are very different from mine on my blog. So I’d rather not make a comment on what you should do…. I’d rather you just surprise me 🙂


  2. I have to say, sometimes, when your body craves sugar, just indulge for awhile. You’ll eventually get back on track. I look forward to your videos and I think the idea of presenting Ms. Zoey with a book of your blogs about her one day is a very sweet and lovely idea. Why not make a bound book rather than a notebook? It will make an excellent high school graduation (or college) gift.


  3. This is a great post! You are such a busy person, but everything you put out there is so absolutely beautiful. I understand how you feel on the exhaustion point. Most days I can barely climb into bed after everything is done and I seriously consider sleeping on the floor 😉 Really looking forward to the videos! Best, Nancy. P.S. If you have a minute, I’d really appreciate your vote in the Top 25 Canadian Moms-2012:


  4. The book idea for Zoey is such a lovely idea! For a child I think it’s the best book she can ever receive. And if you see how beautiful your website is, I think your videos will turn out great too!


  5. You certainly have your own sense of style and it would be cool to see that in the form of videos. And that’s so great how your husband helps you by learning different skills and computer programs then sharing what he learns with you. My boyfriend helps me out a lot in this way. He’s the one who taught me how to use my DSLR and photoshop, as well as do a lot of website coding. I think when you’re busy, a resourceful boyfriend is the greatest asset that you can have.


  6. I completely agree with your cloudy-day wishlist – that’s why I love cloudy weather! Weird, I know. Thanks for the follow, I love your blog!


  7. I love the post. I would love to see videos from you, seeing as your blog is very inspiring and has a lot of work put into it. I hope for my blog to become as successful as yours, someday. -Alana.


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