In The Fields Of Gold

This past weekend, we took Zoey to a pumpkin patch and an orchard. On our way home, we paused by a grass field where the greens have turned into gold. It was the perfect fields of gold to plop Zoey in and capture her do her thang.

It was my idea and the hubs executed beautifully w/ the trustworthy canon 5d mark ii in his hands. We make a great team.

It was a beautiful autumn day. The sun was just beginning to set and the lighting was… oh so perfect.

Zoey is a happy baby as long as she is w/in her mommy’s vicinity. Otherwise, don’t mess w/ her!

Zoey LOVES to dance. She can dance just about anywhere. It’s an innate thing. Her twirling to French jazz has graduated to hands up in the ayer to hip hop music. Just like mommy and daddy at our wedding dance off! To embrace her natural affinity towards music and dancing, we are hoping to enroll her into a music program. She might like to sing too! Who knows…

Daddy said, “I don’t care what Zoey does, as long as she does it well.”

Ah- the joy that a child brings into your life can’t be described unless you experience it firsthand. It gives you the opportunity to relive your childhood memories. A second chance to live childishly. I hope that everyone can be blessed with this chance.

Follow-up postings on our pumpkin patch/orchard adventures soon! Enjoy your Autumn day!


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