DIY Floating Candle Holder

It seems like I haven’t done a DIY post in a while! Here’s one that won’t disappoint my fellow diy crafters. In fact, you don’t even have to be a Martha Stewart sorta person to nail this.

We all know that when fall approaches, the holiday dinner parties come shortly after. Holiday dinner parties to me translates to great company, scrumptious foods, breathtaking tablescapes, and heartwarming ambiance.  Well, I can’t help you w/ great company or scrumptious foods but the latter two, here you go…

There’s nothing better to set the mood (for almost any occasions) than candles. So, why not make your own floating candle holder for those dinner parties that you host every time this yr?

Seriously, DIY doesn’t get any easier than this. PERIOD.

Ok, let’s start off w/ a clear glass vase. EVERYONE owns at least one! And if you don’t, that’s just sinful. Use any type of greenery to be submerged in water. Go outside and pick a branch from your front yard bush if you need to!

Here, I use a fall berry type.

Top w/ your fall blooms of choice. I used orange mums.

Place a candle on top and light it up! I used a regular tealight candle. Floating candles? Such a gimmick!

Make as many as you’d like (in all different shapes/sizes) to create that gorgeous tablescape setting and ambiance! Your guests will never guessed they’re homemade!

Enjoy your dinner parties!


41 thoughts on “DIY Floating Candle Holder

  1. I am going to recreate this, it’s so chic, modern, and pretty. Also, may I just say, I usually am totally against adding ID marks like watermarks or signatures to images, but yours are the first ones I’ve seen that I don’t mind


  2. I love the photography on your site! Thanks for the posting about the floating candle; I will use your tips. Thanks for checking out my site too… hope you enjoy my postings!


  3. My grandmother used to make centrepieces just like these! Always so beautiful and affordable. If would love to see some different designs for different seasons…I’m love crafts that are customizable.


  4. Cool idea! I’m thinking about doing this for my wedding, but my venue doesn’t allow candles. Do you think it’ll still look good? Also, does it matter what kind of flowers you use when dealing with water? If so, any suggestions for yellow or blue/purple ones? Thanks!


    1. Weninroam- I think they can still look pretty w/o candles but instead of using square taller vases, I would opt for round lower glass bowls. This way, you don’t need the greenery at the bottom just floating flowers on top. For yellow ones, I would go w/ either roses or carnations. For purple flowers, I would suggest orchids. Have fun diy-ing for your wedding! Best, Kellie


  5. Those are lovely pictures! Very vibrant. I love them for they are just so simple to do. Thank you for sharing.


  6. Super cute!
    p.s. I love how I know I can look forward to your daily postings 🙂 Zoe is so cute and you’re GORGEOUS! Not to mention, I love your decorative style. I’m envious b/c I just can’t do those daily posts like you. I’m lucky if I think of one per week anymore. Super sad 😦 How do you keep your motivation and creativity flowing?


    1. Hi- Thanks for such a sweet compliment! Not sure…I just kinda always have ideas running through my head and wanting to share them through my blog! I think it just comes naturally. I’ve always been super crafty so I guess it’s in my blood!


  7. Beautiful DIY!
    Looks perfect for fall!
    Would love to make one for my mom :).
    She loves candles and flowers: so this is the perfect combination!

    Thanks for sharing!



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