Pumpkin Patch

Here are some pictures from our pumpkin patch adventure! Zoey had so much FUN! She loved walking through the patch, listening to a local jazz group, and browsing through the little apple/pumpkin shop.

Weather was perfect that day!

A series of Zoey’s silly faces!

This was probably about 1/3 of our day so more follow up posts on this day to come…

Have you been to a pumpkin patch yet this season?


16 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch

  1. Gorgeous pictures!!! We’ve seen sooooo many pumpkins while we were in the US! They look amazing and I wish we would use them much more for decorating our houses during fall season in Europe…


  2. We don’t have pumpkin patches over here but it looks like a nice way to spend your time on an autumn day. The “Zoey excited about pumpkins” picture really made me smile!


  3. looks like such fun. wish they had one where i am! she has the cutest leggings for the occasion and I also really like your autumn coloured bracelet.


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