Pigeons In The City

I absolutely LOVE my city! Never in a million yrs would I imagine that I would end up here but am so grateful that I can call this city home. My husband went to undergrad here yrs ago (before we met). After graduating from med school and landing a residency/fellowship position at Harvard Medical, he moved back here. I followed shortly after.

Every city that I’ve lived in, all had that cookie cutter feel. Everything looks the same everywhere. I’ve always wanted to live in a city that feels unique, offers stylish cafes at every corner, boasts architectural charm & character, and walking anywhere/everywhere was part of the culture. Wasn’t sure if this imaginary city of mine existed.

And then Boston found me. I’ve never felt so connected to a place like I do here. There is always something to do at any given time and Christmas actually feels like Christmas! Imagine Christmas in Miami!

So this weekend, while the hubs was away at a conference, Zoey and I took the T into the city. Just after two short stops, we were dropped off in the heart of downtown crossing. Ah- the luxury of city life and living in Boston!

Mommy +ย  me strolled through the Boston commons (founded in 1643, America’s oldest park), went shopping (bought Z the CUTEST pieces EVER!), and took a break to watch the pigeons.

Here are some snaps from my phone:

Do you see the pigeons on top of the sculpture’s heads?

Zoey was curious about the pigeons and followed them. But once they started flying, she got scared and ran away!

Downtown Boston is always bustling with city trolleys. It’s one of the many things that adds to the vibrancy of the city.

And here’s an instagram pic of the city on our way back from the commons. Home is where the heart is and my heart belongs here (w/ the husband + Z).

PS- Boston in a way reminds me of Paris. I LOVE Paris to death. ย 

What do you LOVE about your city? Please share!


21 thoughts on “Pigeons In The City

  1. Love Boston ๐Ÿ™‚ My school is right across from the Boston Common (Emerson). Such a wonderful city! Have you ever taken her to feed the gigantic squirrels in the Public Gardens? My daughters love that ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I love that living in Chicago has given me the opportunity to see and experience new things I never would have been able to back in my home state of Michigan. The diversity and the people here are incredible. I love your photos by the way.


  3. Visited Boston a few years ago and loved it. Stayed at the Hilton Back Bay Hotel and did all the touristy stuff before going north along the leaf-peeper trail and up to Niagara. Would love to come back and see more of Boston and Massachusetts. It was a good time.


  4. Grand Rapids is quickly becoming the premiere city in Michigan. It is not Chicago, Detroit, NYC, Philly, or Boston, but the culture that is forming here is second to none in terms of offering the big city lifestyle while maintaining a small town feel. My neighborhood, Heritage Hill embodies that idea and was named one of the best neighborhoods by this old house magazine in 2011 and by the American Planning Association just a few weeks ago. I love NYC, Boston. And Philly, but GR is home for me.


  5. It does look like an interesting and beautiful place to live. I live in Melbourne Australia which is also pretty unique, I believe. Thanks for the lovely pics. : )


  6. I am a born and raised Bostonian and this is the first time I have ever seen anyone write something nice about Bahston. Most out-of-towners think we are the rudest people on the planet. Ha-ha! ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. When I first got married, we lived in Boston, on Gloucester street in a tiny basement apartment. We called it the “Love Nest.” My kids were both born in Boston. It’s a WONDERFUL city, and I appreciate and share your viewpoints. I’ll also add it’s a great historic place to visit, and the perfect vacation destination for families. We’ve moved around quite a bit since then and have learned to appreciate every place’s good points, but I will always have an unparalleled fondness for Boston.


  8. Boston looks and sounds great. I’ve always wanted to visit. I feel the same way as you do about Boston about Portland, OR. I got to live there for 8 months and instantly felt like I belonged in a way I had never felt before. We had to move away because of a job offer but we hope to return someday. Enjoy your town!


  9. I like where I live now (for college) Kansas, because nature is beautiful here. I actually want to move to Boston after graduation as well. It is so unique and I felt great being there. It is the city of my dreams!


  10. Wow, so nice. Makes me wnat to visit. My sister had her wedding there Jan 1, years ago, but my kids were too small to enjoy much of the city; now would be a great time. How cold is winter in your area?


  11. What a beautiful post! I’m always amazed at the shots the iphone can snap… so cool. We live in Charleston, SC so I totally get the desire to live somewhere unique and beautiful!! We certainly won’t have snow for Christmas, but there is so much old world, European charm in this city. It’s such a beautiful, beautiful place.

    Enjoy the fall colors for me! ; )



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