Zoey As A Flower Girl!

My sister is getting married in March and Ms. Zoey will be her flower girl! I’m super excited about that! I REALLY want her to wear a super duper VOLUMINOUS tutu as part of her ensemble.

Currently, I am looking for some inspirations for Z’s flower girl outfit from my pinterest board, Til Death Do Us Part.



What do you guys think of the flower girl tutu look? Please share!


25 thoughts on “Zoey As A Flower Girl!

  1. Personally, I prefer the ankle-length tutu. It’s a classier look. Have you and your sister decided on a color? I think I’d prefer all one color with maybe a darker or lighter shade for a sash and streamers in her hair. Focus on keeping it simple and remember to enjoy the day – anything that isn’t perfect just gives you great stories about the special day – don’t stress about them.


  2. My flower girl wore a tutu and it was really cute! I wasn’t a huge fan of the top half of her ensemble (especially in July?) but I guess I should have been more specific than “white tank top,” haha.


  3. Love, love, love the tutu in the last picture! My daughter had a play tutu that had little fabric flowers attached here and there throughout the layers. I think that would be a sweet addition to a flower girl tutu.

    Also, I love the headpieces in the last picture as well. Ribbons and flower garlands on little girls just kill me — so cute!

    Congrats to your sister and to Zoe for her flower girl debut!


  4. It looks really cute! I like the first picture because the colour of the tutu is the same as the bridesmaids dresses but I like the length and shape of the tutu’s in the last picture.
    And congratulations to your sister! So nice for her that she found someone to spend her life with.


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