Pumpkin Patch 2

Remember the first pumpkin patch post? Well, this is the 2nd installment of our visit to Shelburne Farms. We enjoyed many fun fall festivities after visiting the pumpkins.

Here they are…

We took a little break to grab a bite to eat. Our lunch included a HUGE delish hamburger (the farm was grilling these) and apple cider donuts.

Right after lunch, Zoey enjoyed listening and dancing to music.

We stopped by the farm’s apple shop which had the coolest and freshest fall produce.

She is a stubborn little child!

We were SO excited for Zoey to experience her first pony ride!

Unfortunately, someone was not as excited as mommy & daddy! Zoey was getting scared!

Zoey wanted off so she didn’t get to ride the pony!

Poor baby…

The afternoon got toasty, so she took off her jacket.

After we left Shelburne farms, we headed to Carver Hill Orchard. Our day was far from over… be to continued!


9 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch 2

  1. What a cute pictures! That hat is soooo adorable!
    If I’ll ever visit your country and you need a babysitter then I recommend myself haha. She is so cute! Be proud :). But I know you are :)!



  2. Zoey will grow up to be a beautiful young lady.. Hope you will be able to post pic of her when she’s all grown up. Happy Halloween!

    xx Zerah


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