Baby Cookbook: Indian Supermeals GIVEAWAY! (Ends Nov 12th)

I can’t tell you how EXCITED I am about this giveaway! In the past, many of my giveaways have been fashion, home, beauty, e-design related but NONE has been about babies! Mommies…this giveaway is dedicated to you!

I am so thrilled to team up with Zainab Ahmed to offer you 4 (FOUR WINNERS) baby e-cookbooks! This giveaway speaks to my heart b/c like many mommies out there, one of my most frustrating struggles w/ Zoey is food related. When it comes to food, she gets bored easily and refuses to eat more times than I can count! It’s a challenge to always think of different, exciting baby foods for her (while maintaining a healthy balanced diet).

This is where Ahmed’s cookbook fills the gap. Her book, Indian Supermeals: Baby and Toddler Cookbook (first Indian baby cookbook in the UK) offers recipes that promise exciting, aromatic flavors while providing health benefits needed for proper growth and development. Did you know that cinnamon can aid with teething pains and cumin can help boost the immune system?!

On the front cover is Ahmed and her daughter, Aaliyah (isn’t she so precious?!).

Ahmed worked in the marketing, fashion, entertainment, and retail industries before having her daughter.  After discovering that there weren’t any baby/toddler cookbooks in the UK with Indian or Indian influenced recipes, she began inventing her own. Soon after, her friends began to ask for the recipes and now thanks to her cookbook, these recipes are accessible to everyone!

Above is one of Ahmed’s recipes that I made for Zoey. Since Zoey loves grated cheese, I added some on top! It was super yummy and SIMPLE (my kinda thing) and if I were to be honest, I couldn’t resist but ate a few spoonfuls myself! I kept ‘tasting’.

Indian Supermeals is available on Amazon for a super affordable price of $6.83! You can also snag one here with this giveaway! Enter for a chance to win (your baby will LOVE you for it!).

Please note: Indian SuperMeals: Baby & Toddler Cookbook is in digital format, compatible with any iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Android Phone, PC or laptop. In other words, it’s accessible to EVERYONE!


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3. Leave a comment below stating your interest in the giveaway and please share what’s the most adventurous food you’ve cooked for your baby!


** Open to US residents only. GOOD LUCK!!

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5 thoughts on “Baby Cookbook: Indian Supermeals GIVEAWAY! (Ends Nov 12th)

  1. What a fun giveaway!! I REALLY need an update on my tot cuisine!! I once cooked a frittata for my 1.5 yr old with Salmon. I slaved and he hated it. I need something creative and different. I have two tots and I need some new tricks. 🙂 Already follow and “like” Le Zoe Musings and liked “Zainab Ahmed” of FB.

    Thanks for offering the giveaway.


  2. I would love to enter this giveaway. My husband and I are both great lovers of Indian food and our daughter, who made her arrival in the world following dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant, seems to love the cuisine as well. She loves lentils and spices and naan. I am really excited to see what recipes Indian Super Meals offers.


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