Food Diary

Good morning all! I’ve been up since 5:45am, it’s a little crazy how my wake up call schedule has been so early since entering mommyhood. Gone are those college days when I can barely get out of bed to make it to a 2pm class! I KNOW…I’ve come a very very long way. I guess you can call it old age!

Anyhow, below are pics of what we’ve eaten in the last couple of weeks via instagram. Kinda like a food diary documented virtually. As you can see, we LOVE all types of food! My husband and I cook fairly frequently throughout the week but like to go out during the weekends.

Some random musings of the images below: (1) Z is soo cute w/ her hand on daddy’s shoulder viewing pics on the screen (giving her OK!), (2) grilled chicken skin teriyaki was so yummy although I wished it was crispier (waistline unfriendly), (3) hubs makes the BEST lobster corn chowder (his recipe here), (4) stews are so great for cold nights, (5) so are soup dumplings!, (6) toast w/ sugar + butter takes me back to childhood, (7) made Vietnamese dumplings for solo dining (hubs away for a conference), (8) take me back to Paris w/ herb butter escargots!, (9) swiss chard from the garden, (10) Vietnamese subs are our to go for quick + satisfying eats, (11) love me some hot cocoa (w/ LOTS of marshmallows), (12) haven’t had plum wine in the longest time (forgot how good it tasted).


I LOVE food. It connects me to great memories, takes me back in time, provokes a certain feeling, and brings people together.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!


19 thoughts on “Food Diary

  1. how do you make the stir fry swiss chard? I always want to incorporate more greens, but some I don’t get how to cook them! Also, what is butter + sugar with bread? Like literally? Nvr had that… hmm x


  2. I want everything, especially that hot cocoa right now with all those marshmallows. Perfect! Food really is full of memories because so many get-togethers are centered around food. It’s really nice.


  3. Is there anyway you can send me the recipe to your dumplings?? I’m gluten free and I see you made the dough also! Dumplings are the one thing I’ve missed since going gluten free. I’d love to try to make them!


      1. Thanks for sharing the recipe, Kellie! I would love to try and make these dumplings too. I love Vietnamese food (since I was born in Vietnam) and grew up eating a lot of them. But they are a little fusion of Chinese from my mom’s recipes. I am ready to take on to make authentic Vietnamese 😉


  4. Omg, I have to leave a comment here… reading your blog is just amazingly fantastic and COSY. You have a beautiful life. So inspiring


  5. I would have never had toast with butter and sugar if it were not for my grandpa! Thank you for helping me start my Saturday with happy memories!


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