The Perfect LBD

This past weekend, we were blessed with perfect weather. Fifties/sixties with almost completely clear blue skies in November. Who can complain?! It’s a stark contrast from today, however, w/ the temperatures dropping and rain coming through. The only things that can bring me comfort on days like these are soothing instrumental music, an autumn scented lit candle, and a self made hot mug of black chai latte. Guess what I’m sipping on right now?!

Flashback to this past weekend, when the weather was to die for and we had the best time strolling the city. On Saturday, after riding the T for literally 5 mins, we hopped off and began our weekend city adventure. Took Zoey to the Children’s museum (via foot on the evelyn moakley bridge), absorbed the city’s charming architect, met sis in law for dinner, and afterwards stopped by a local bakery in Chinatown for some walnut cookies.

For a mommy like me, city adventures meant I had to don something comfortable but not too mommy-ish! A simple little black dress would suffice. I needed something that was stretchy (mommy moves a lot chasing after Z), super comfortable, and still effortlessly stylish. A dress that can be easily transformed from casual to chic just by accessorizing. Sounds like a description for the Perfect LBD if you asked me and thanks to 2teecouture, I’ve found mine!

When this dress came knocking at my door, the hemline was a tad bit too long for my petite figure. Nothing a self-resourceful person like myself can’t handle! Busted out my sewing kit and hemmed the dress w/ some hand sewn blind stitches (learned sewing after watching my mother made dresses for us when I was a child) and the dress was just oh so perfect!

So w/ my Perfect LBD, high bun (took no effort), and shades for those days when my beauty routine consisted of a 5 min 3 step process (mac studio fix, blush, and light lips), this mommy was ready to conquer the city!

I love wearing booties b/c they are stylish but sooo comfy at the same time.

Sporting mustard nails. My ring finger was a merlot sort of color topped w/ gold glitz.

What I love most about this dress is that the material is wrinkle free. I hate having to iron clothes. I like things to be simple, quick, and easy! Efficient would be the better term. I sorta have problems w/ being patient!

Bag gifted by one of my sisters. When you have a lot of family members, we spoil each other.

I love that Boston is a walking city. For me, this is a luxury!

Faux fur eternity scarf by Hollister. I was plenty warm w/o having to wear a jacket.

How do you like my newly side-swept bangs look? Haven’t had bangs in AGES. Got out of the shower and was bored of my hair so I decided at that moment to chop off my bangs (gather, twist, and snip! took me 10 secs!!). Yes, I’m that crazy AND courageous!

If you are LOVING this dress, stay tune for a GIVEAWAY for the same exact dress (not mine, of course but a brand spankin’ new one, your size of choice!). This dress is so versatile you can wear it anywhere for almost any occasions, e.g. upcoming holiday parties! Thanks 2teecouture for a Perfect LBD and for sponsoring the upcoming giveaway!

To visit 2teecouture, click here. To go to their FB page, click here.

Stay FAB!!

PS. Thanks hunnie for such amazing pics!! You are so talented. I heart you.


22 thoughts on “The Perfect LBD

  1. So beautiful and chic! Us mommies need to put that extra effort into our outfits and need to be prepared for everything : ) The booties are supercute and the bangs suit you beautifully!


      1. Hi- Irene, it’s a little complicated but here you go! When I left the house, I had on wet n’ wild 901B topped w/ lancome juicy tubes in miracle. In the city, I touched up w/ revlon 011 (stormy pink). A little confusing…I know!! Have a great day! Best, Kellie


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