My Kind Of Saturday

Hi all! I hope you are enjoying your weekend! It’s 7am here and we are up & awake, ready for the day. Actually, this would be a perfect time to enjoy a black chai latte, so Imma go make some… I’m back (yes, that really did happen). Now let’s just hope that I can finish this post (while sipping tea) before Z wakes up and possesses the rest of my day!

Yesterday was my kind of Saturday. The hubs suggested that I go into the city for some me time while he spends quality time alone with Zoey. A-OK with me! I almost forgot how it used to be to walk aimlessly in the city like any non-mommy person would do. Oh, the CAREFREE days…how I’ve missed you so!

And to be frankly honest, I didn’t worry about Z one tidbit. I knew that she was safe under daddy’s care so I let go and enjoyed myself. (Exactly what I need to do at daycare…learn to let her go!)

So while roaming agenda-less in the heart of downtown Boston, I stopped by H&M (saw their amazing campaign of the re-edition of iconic pieces from different seasons of the French fashion house, Maison Martin Margiela), tasted different flavors of tea from David’s Tea (their grand opening), and went to an underground bookstore (lived here for YEARS & always passed by w/o realizing its existence…when you become aware…all these things come to life!)

3 hrs later, I came back to reality and was greeted by the hubs and Zoey who’s been napping the entire time I was gone!! Way to go for spending quality time w/ Z, daddy! We headed out for a super late lunch and went to our most favorite fishmonger for the BEST & FRESHEST oysters, sushi-graded fish, and other seafood.

Dinner was plentiful with a 4 course meal made by the hubs… oysters, a piping hot bowl of broth soup, Vietnamese chicken salad (not shown), and grilled monkfish w/ artichoke topped w/ a butter lime sauce. No sorta theme, just GREAT food!

And while the hubs cook, I spent time with Z. She LOVES books so I watched her pretend to read. When dinner was served, I poured myself a glass of plum wine (only wine I drink b/c it’s sweet…not a drinker) and count my blessings

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PS. Zoey’s still asleep!


9 thoughts on “My Kind Of Saturday

  1. Well maybe plum wine is what I need to try. I have never tasted a wine that I like. It all tastes like vinegar to me. You are one lucky woman that your husband can not only cook but really cook! I love nothing more than to watch my granddaughter pretend to read, most fun ever.


    1. OMG! I’m the SAME way!! I can’t stand the taste of wine b/c of the bitter alcohol flavor (or I’m just not classy enough to drink wine!) Plum wine is the ONLY wine that I like for its sweetness. Don’t be fooled though, b/c its alcohol content is pretty high and you can’t really tell b/c it’s THAT sweet! A MUST try. Can you follow up and let me know how you like it? Best, Kellie


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