Will You Vote For Me?

Hello fellow bloggers and followers!! I just recently entered in a Luckymag.com contest called “Show Us Your Bootie” and would LOVE + APPRECIATE your vote! 

The contest is about how you would style your booties (a fall staple) and I entered the outfit from my recent post, Giving Thanks.

The contest has actually gone on for several weeks now and ends Dec. 6 so I am SOO BEHIND!! My goal is to hit 2k+ votes. Such a LONG SHOT, I know… but you can help me make it happen! No, you can’t hit vote 500 times, only 1 vote per device.

Voting is easy, go here and click on the Vote arrow (upper right). So if you’re feeling my outfit please vote! But even if you’re not feeling it, it’s OK, your vote is still appreciated!! 

“BIG Thanks” to all who will vote and those who are thinking about it.

PS. There are no prizes/money for this contest but a feature on Luckymag’s homepage. So if you are thinking that I will split the million dollar prize w/ you, that’s not going to happen!


51 thoughts on “Will You Vote For Me?

  1. Hey, Lezoe! Thank you so much for following my blog! I really appreciate it! Your blog is simply awesome! Gotta read your stuff!


      1. Hi Kellie

        We had a really nice Thanksgiving. It looks like you did as well. Max will be 8 months old this week and is doing very well. Isn’t it crazy how quickly they grow up?


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